It’s time to say a fond (or not so fond-depending on your POV) farewell to Big Brother 2010.

I guess first, we ought to officially congratulate Hayden for winning Big Brother.

I’m glad he won. Of the three left, considering all around performance, he deserved it, so kudos, Hayden. Enjoy…

Now, for the award for best edit ever in a reality show…. The winner is… The editors from Big Brother for giving people NOT in the know, the most skewed picture of who a houseguest really ISN’T…

America… Are you really that delusional? That you believe the edit, showing Britney to be a sweet little funny charmer?  When they showed Monet’s nasty comments, it showed Brit rolling her eyes. When the truth was that it was SHE who instigated all the nasty, negativity in the entire season.

Or have we really become a society of “mean people”? Do we honestly still reward the pretty people who have the blackest hearts?  That was the Britney and Ragan show, plain and simple.

I didn’t care for Rachel. She was simply too much. But did the voters who cast their votes for Brit for AP do so because they LIKE people who spend hours each day talking trash about other people? Or did they simply believe what they were told?

I felt my heart drop when Julie pulled her name out of that envelope. It hurts me to think that America believes in rewarding that sort of ugly behavior. So.. I choose to believe that most were just ignorant.

It is not pretty, but at least it is understandable. The alternative shakes my faith in the values of this country. Apparently, she lives right down the road from where I work. If ever I see her, I will tell her.. I saw the real you, and so did many others. You fooled a lot of people, but I use YOU as an example to my fourteen year old cheer-leader niece of who NOT to be in life.- Although, that is a difficult road, when she sees someone like Britney being rewarded. How do we tell our kids. Be kind. Be nice. Be decent. When they see the exact opposite winning awards??

Shame on you, America.

Goodbye, my friends. Thank you all so much for making this year bearable.

And please come back next year!

It is bound to be a better season! Has to be, right??

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