After a mostly quiet day in the Big Brother 2010 House, we have finally had us a big old-fashioned backyard blowout!

NEW-UPDATE–More BIGTIME drama brewing at 6:15 pm BBT- Matt going to be caught double dealing. See below.


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Apparently, someone is stirring up the poo in the Big Brother 12 house. A mysterious “someone” went to Rachel and told her that they heard that Kristin was going to flip her vote. Then Britney asked Kathy if she was the one that told Rachel that. Kathy got angry that it was being said about her, and she want to Rachel to assure her that she did not say that.

Rachel decided that it was time to confront that rumor. Rachel went out into the BY where a large group was gathered, and told Brit and Monet that she heard that all this was going on. She wanted it made clear that she wanted Monet out because

A) She won the 1o grand.

B)  She had never talked to her the whole game.

Confrontation between Monet and Rachel. Rachel told her that she heard that Monet had accused Rachel of calling her (Mon) a b*tch. Rachel “I don’t even use that derogatory term” at which point Monet said she was going to walk away- and Rachel “should be glad she was.”

Then Monet went inside and poured the whole story out to Matt and Ragan.

Meanwhile, Kathy went off on Brit for basically accusing her of starting the stuff.. and also told her she was tired of all the childish BS.

Brit started bawling. and it all went on for quite a while. She is feeling very put upon, which is funny, considering the horrific things she and Monet have been saying about Rachel and Kristin.

It was AWESOME! This is  a perfect time to sign up for your free trial of the LIVE FEEDS! You can try it for free, and use the Flashback feature to watch the whole thing go down.

The blowups are just starting, people! We have only evicted ONE person!!

Told you!!

Britney has gone up to HOH, and then the hammock- to spill the beans on Matt. Brit told Rachel that Matt has been telling everyone that he is MAD at Brenchel for putting him up and that he was coming after them.

They were shocked,but not as shocked as Brit was when Rachel told her that Matt had volunteered to be the pawn.  

Brenchel and Brit share Matt stories

Matt knows something is up

Matt has been playing really dumb. I don’t understand his motives. In a previous post, I mentioned how bad of a strategy his ‘paranoia’ strategy was.  He is really hurting his game, he is telling too many different stories to too many people.

Britney is playing this beautifully. You have to give her that. She may have just given Monet a chance..Brit will never be able to hold this in. This is all going to come out…

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