Men and women, boys and girl of all ages, (well, maybe not the tots, considering the hotties I’ve seen so far) gather round for your very first peek at the all new…and improved… Big Brother 14 cast!  I hope you have your LIVE FEEDS! Because at 12pm ET/11am Central- ALL will be revealed in the CAST INTERVIEWS!! Get you some of THAT, baby!

Without further ado…

Aw heck!! Now you KNOW I’m lying..Cause I’m gonna “ado” all over the place for the big CAST reveal!! Come on!

Keep reading to see the brand-new commercial below, showing some of the new, (mostly beautiful) BB14 cast!


What’s your first impression? Anyone strike your fancy?

Just hold your judgements till I post the CAST INTERVIEW info!

OR–to see them for yourself–(and oh, boy, don’t you just LOVE to judge other folks?? I sure do!)–You better hurry! The special ends at midnight on Wednesday, July 11th– And get ready.. the CAST REVEAL is just a few hours from now at 11am Central! DON’T Miss it!   SIGN UP HERE 

While I see quite a few hard-bodies, there were also a couple of interesting folks…the tattooed girl, the robot-dancing nerdy guy.
How bout this crop?

Mobile Spray Tanner?? I see the guys eyes bulging already…

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Keep checking back with us today as we begin to give you the FULL scoop on all the new HG’s!
They’re coming guys…

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