Well, this is it ladies and gentlemen, by the end of this two hour season finale, we will know who won Big Brother 19! I will have all the details for you below in my Big Brother 2017 live recap right here! Make sure you keep refreshing this page to find out who won each round of the final HOH, who makes it to F2 and who won Big Brother 19!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap BB19 Finale - The Winner Is...

We have been waiting for this day for a while and here it is. I’m not sure if we are more excited to find out who won Big Brother 19 or that this horrendous season has come to an end, but either way, here we are. If you missed any of the details of this season, you can get caught up with all my Big Brother 2017 spoilers.

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We start tonight with the first round of the final HOH. The HGs are being farted on by unicorns and they have to hold on to it’s tail as long as they can. After 40 minutes, Josh falls off his tilting cloud, Christmas drops and that means Paul wins the first round of the HOH comp. Christmas is devastated, but she reminds herself that there is another round! After the commercial break we will see Christmas and Josh go head to head in round two!

Round two is a comp where Christmas and Josh will have to read scrolls and each scroll has a clue on it, the clues tell them to align with a HG which means that they have to use launching devices to knock down any HG that doesn’t match the clue given. The first clue is to align herself with a HG that won an HOH, one that was saved by the POV and one that was evicted after being on the block three or more times. The person who has the fastest time will win round two. In the end Christmas did it in one hour and 39 minutes and Josh did it in one hour and 32 minutes. He beat Christmas by just seven minutes.

After round two is done we get a look at Paul camtalking about how he might actually win this season and Christmas in the hammock having a pity party. We then get a look at each HG talking about how they would spend the money if they won it. After a commercial break, we get a look at the Dr. Will as he talks to the Jury members as they find out who the eighth jury member is. They aren’t surprised to see Kevin walk in and then when Mark calls out Raven for saying she knew it was going to be him, but she said she thought it would be Christmas.

The jury members erupt a little bit and then they get to talking about the final three. They think that Josh is an emotional mess, but they think that Josh was at least honest about how he felt about the others. Then talks turn to Christmas and they all think that she is still in the house because of her broken foot. Then talks turn to Paul and they are all talking about his game play and how he had poor jury management throughout the game.

Dr. Will asks them if they are just sore losers and Jason raises his hand and admits that he is a sore loser right away. They then talk about how they will all be able to ask the F2 questions and that they need to make those questions count. They do seem a little bitter, minus Raven and Matt who believe that Paul just played a better game then them, which is very true because they didn’t do a whole lot of anything in that house anyways.

It is time for round 3 of the final HOH! Paul and Josh will be playing Scales of Just Us and they will have to prove how well they know the jury members. Julie will be reading statements from the Jurors and then give them two choices of how the statements end. The HG that answers correctly gets a point. Paul wins the first question, Josh gets the second question, Josh and Paul both got the third question right. Josh gets question five right and the score is 3-2 with Josh in the lead. Neither of them get the sixth question right, neither get the seventh question right either. Question seven goes to Josh and with only one question left, Josh wins the third round of the final HOH!

After the commercial break we find out who Josh picks to go to F2 with him! He decides to evict Christmas and take Paul to F2. It is now time for the Jury members to ask the F2 their questions, but first, they need to find out who the final jury member is! Julie introduces Christmas as juror number nine and then tells them that Josh is the one who won the final round of the HOH and evicted Christmas.

Each juror asked their questions and answered them to the best of their ability, but I personally think that Josh was more honest with his answers than Paul was and I think that the jury noticed that. However, it isn’t over until it’s over and after the commercial break, we will see as the F2 give their final statements to the jury before they vote for the winner of Big Brother 19!

Paul gives his F2 speech, which outlines all of his game moves and shows that he played a stronger game. Josh is up now and he is so nervous that he can’t remember some of his speech. Josh goes the “I was underestimated” route in his speech. It is time for the voting!

The vote order was:

  1. Cody
  2. Elena
  3. Mark
  4. Matt
  5. Jason
  6. Raven
  7. Alex
  8. Kevin
  9. Christmas

We are now joined by Jessica, Dominique, Jillian, Cameron and Ramses. Jessica made it a point to tell the jurors that Paul played everyone in that house and not one of them was more important than the next. We then get a montage of all the times the HGs told us in the DR that they trusted Paul. Jessica also tells them that based on the fact that Paul played the heck out of this game, he would have her vote if she was in jury.

Paul is then asked which backstab or blindside was hardest for him and he tells them that it was Alex, Jason and Raven. We then get a look at Josh’s GBM that outed Paul. They started with Jason, but everyone got one since him. Paul is then asked how he feels about those messages and Paul tells us and Josh that he thinks that it was pretty cowardly, but gave him credit for a lot of stuff.

We then get to Cameron and he tells us that what surprised him the most about this season was the number of showmances this season. We then hear as Julie asks Cody and Jessica if they are still planning on being together after the show even though they have been apart for the last five weeks. In case there was any question about it, they both are still planning on being together.

Here are the votes:

  1. Cody – Josh
  2. Elena – Josh
  3. Mark – Josh
  4. Matt – Paul
  5. Jason – Josh
  6. Raven – Paul
  7. Alex – Josh
  8. Kevin – Paul
  9. Christmas – Paul

Josh has won Big Brother 19! America’s Favorite Houseguest goes to Cody!

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