Tonight on Big Brother 19 we will see the Power of Veto comp and the Veto Ceremony and I can’t wait to see how this plays out! Some of know who the POV winner is and know how the Veto Ceremony ended, but we know Dominique had plenty to say. Check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details of what’s been going on in the Big Brother house!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 10 - POV and Veto Ceremony!

From what I saw after the feeds came back on, the Veto Ceremony was really tense and I can’t wait to see how this all played out. Keep refreshing this page to get all the juicy details about tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017 and make sure you join in on the conversation in the comments below!

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We start off with Dom going into her room after the nomination ceremony and Paul going in to tell her everything was going to be ok. When he leaves, she starts laughing and Mark comes in to talk to her. Says that she thinks Paul and Elena are behind this. We then see him in the DR crying about her being nominated because he knows she is the target.

Dom goes up to the HOH bathroom to pray and when she leaves the bathroom, Paul is sitting on the bed. They are having a conversation and she asks him if he has ever been dishonest or would he betray her and he tells her no. He then tells her that this is the week that he might have to jump ship and the rest of the group might come apart.

It is now time to pick players for the POV. Alex, Dom and Jessica are joined by Kevin, Christmas and houseguest choice for Jessica, she picked Jason to play. Jason is telling Alex that if he wins the POV he is pulling Jessica off. She is public enemy number one and they will vote for her. Jason says that he wants to put Raven up in her place to make sure Dom gets voted out. Alex doesn’t like this idea at all though.

The POV comp is called Temple of Temptation and Christmas isn’t cleared to compete in this competition. Therefore it will only be Alex, Dom, Jessica, Kevin and Jason. They will have to walk across a balance beam, hit a button and go back. They then must circle a post and then they can go back. Every time they hit the button, they get a point and the first one to 50 wins the POV. If they fall off the beam their score resets to 0. There is a gold challis at the end and the first HG to take it will win a cash prize, but they will also eliminate themselves from the comp.

Kevin isn’t doing so well so he decides to take the challis and wins a whopping $27. It seems like every time someone gets on a roll they fall off the beam and have to start over. Except for Jason and Alex who are neck and neck all the way. In the end, Jason wins the POV and Dom is really nervous and plans to talk to Jason.

We then see as Paul is trying to talk Alex into pulling Jessica off and putting Mark on the block with Dom. He also knows that Mark is the only one who will try and save Dom. Paul then talks to Jason and then Jason goes up to talk to Alex. Moments later, Mark comes up and Alex tells him that she wants to use him as a pawn and he is devastated that they are using him to get his best friend out of the house.

Dom comes up to ask Jason if she could talk to him and they go into the lounge. He bits his tongue as much as he can to not give her any information. Later, Dom goes to Alex in the middle of the night to talk to her. She then asks Alex if she can have a house meeting with everyone. When Alex gets back to the HOH room and tells Paul, Mark and Elena who Dom called out as a snake, Paul decides to call Dom out.

Dom comes up to talk to Alex, Paul, Mark and Elena and she calls Paul out in front of everyone. She tells them that they are all going to see this on TV one day and know that they have all been duped. Dom tells Paul that he is going to be going home. He tells her he would be stupid to think otherwise. She tells him that it will be sooner rather than later. He tells her that her statement was awfully smug for someone who is actually on the block.

After the crazy house meeting, Mark comes up and tells Alex that he isn’t going to try and save her. She is a lost cause, but he doesn’t want to be a pawn. Alex tells him that if they keep the noms the same, he is going to have to vote Dom out. He agrees to do it and swears that he will VTE Dom. After Mark leaves, Jason is super nervous about the vote.

We end the episode off with the Veto Ceremony. Jessica tells Jason that she picked him because she knows that if anyone understands how much it sucked for her it’s him. She reiterates that she wants to stay. Dom tells Jason that she was framed and points out that Paul is dressed appropriately and she then calls out Elena as well. Jason asks her what she thinks the outcome would be if he took her off the block. She tells him that she wouldn’t be willing to work with her old alliance and continues to dig herself deeper.

Jason decides that he is not going to use the POV to take anyone off the block.

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