Tonight on a special episode of Big Brother 19, we will watch as four evicted HGs battle their way back into the Big Brother 2017 house. There is going to be a twist though and the HGs inside the house will have the ability to block them from coming back in. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 12 - Who Will Win the Battle Back?

Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique are the four evicted HGs competing for a chance to get back into the Big Brother house. Keep refreshing and following along with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19!

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We start off the episode of Big Brother 2017 starts off with us finding out that the person who wins the Battle Back will have to face off against a person inside the house in order to be let back in! Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique are getting ready for their first of three comps.

After the first challenge, only two will move on to the second round, the other two go home. The winner of the second comp will have to then face off against a house challenger, the other evictee will go home. If the final evictee beats the house challenger, they will get back into the house. If they lose, they go home.

The first challenge is a giant maze that they have to work a ball through using ropes that are tied to the maze. There are holes in the maze and if the ball falls through, they start over. First two evictees to finish move on and the other two go home.

Cody is the first evictee to finish the maze and the second evictee to move on to the second round is Cameron. Dominique and Jillian are officially going home. The second round comp is Billboard Bashers, they have to use a launcher to launch balls at a billboard and the first person to knock out the 10 panels on the billboard will move on.

Cameron takes an early lead, but Cody manages to take the lead with only two panels left standing. In the end, Cody manages to keep the lead and wins the second round. Cameron is going home. Cody is moving on to challenge someone inside the house.

Cody gets to choose if he wants to do Maze Race or Billboard Bashers. They will be slightly different though. The maze will change in Maze Race and the billboards will be spinning in Billboard Bashers. He chooses Maze Race. We find out who he goes up against after the commercial break!

Julie calls the HGs to the living room and tells them what has been going on in the backyard. Mark is pissed and Jessica is trying to tell him that things are going to be ok. She has his back. Julie leaves them to stew in it for a little bit. Paul is really upset because he worked so hard to get Dom and Cody out. When we get back from the commercial break, Julie will fill them in on the twist on the Battle Back!

Julie calls them back into the living room and tells them that there is one evictee standing, but there is a twist. She tells them that they will have a chance to stop this HG in their tracks. She tells them that they will be going into the DR to vote for someone in the house to be the House Challenger. This person will then compete against the evictee. If the evictee wins, they come back and if they lose, they will not be.

She tells them to vote for the strongest competitor if they don’t want anyone to return. The weakest if they want someone to come back. Everyone except for Paul voted for Paul and that’s because he couldn’t vote for themselves. She then tells them all to head out to the backyard for the reveal of the House Challenger and who they will be facing off against. Julie reveals that Cody is the evictee that will be competing for his way back in. They are then told that Paul is the House Challenger.

It is time for the final comp to start! They are doing Maze Race and it’s different. Looks like there are more holes in the board this time around. Same rules apply as before. If the ball falls through the hole, they have to start over. If Cody wins, he’s back in and if Paul wins, Cody goes home for good.

Cody has an early lead and is really taking his time. Paul is having a hard time figuring out the pulley system on the maze. Cody looks over and sees that he has a pretty healthy lead and he just needs to keep it steady. Cody is in the last stretch of the maze and he manages to make it to the end of the maze without dropping his ball.

Cody is back in the house and Jessica is thrilled, she is the only one though. No one else is happy about Cody making it back in the house. Paul is especially ticked about this and he is planning on getting him out soon. Julie tells everyone not to get too comfortable though, they will be competing in the HOH shortly.

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