Tonight we will get to see the Big Brother 19 houseguests compete in this week’s HOH comp. If you can’t wait to find out who won the HOH comp this week you can find out right here! Meanwhile, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happens tonight on Big Brother 19! Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 13 -HOH and Nominations!

Not only will we watch as the HOH comp plays out, but we will then see as the HOH picks the nominations for eviction this week. If you want to know who was nominated for eviction before it happens, you can find out right here! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 live recap!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Cody rejoining the house and Jessica telling him they have to win HOH and then tells him that even if they don’t win, they won’t be going home. She tells him that she has the Halting Hex and that they will have safety for at least one week.

Meanwhile the rest of the house is talking about Cody being in the house and how they have noticed he isn’t as hostile as he was before. They just need to worry about winning the HOH and Paul is saying he is going to fight hard for this because his Pendant of Protection is officially out of gas!

It is time for the HOH comp. What’s the Holdup is the name of the comp and they are holding a red disk up against a traffic light with a long plastic tube. If their red disk falls, they are eliminated and can pick one HG to punish and make their job of holding their disk harder. Last one standing with their disk still in place wins.

The first person to be eliminated is Kevin after only 17 seconds. Mark is eliminated after 25 seconds and Paul after only 53 second. Kevin punished Cody and he gets trash dumped at his feet and it smells awful! Mark punishes Cody also and this punishment is a guy screaming at him about being late to yoga in a “road rage” incident. Cody is taking this like there is no one there, he’s a marine after all. Paul decides to punish Cody also and he two construction workers dumping “concrete” on him. This is quite entertaining.

Jason drops his disk two minutes in and decides to punish Jessica instead thinking that this might get a rise out of Cody. Elena is the next one to drop her disk and punishes Cody, this punishment is having a guy squirt ketchup and mustard on Cody’s back. Matt’s disk falls five minutes in and here comes more trash for Cody. Raven drops hers and Cody gets the road rage yoga guy again.

Josh loses his and Cody talks a little crap to him. Josh decides to punish Jessica and this one is the construction workers dumping “tar” on her. Now Josh is sitting on the sidelines talking crap the entire time. Cody has managed to tune out Josh completely though and it’s not even fazing him. Jessica is trying to make deals with Christmas and Cody seconds that she is not their target. Josh is told by Paul to tell them not to make any deals.

Cody’s disk falls and Cody decides to punish Ramses which is a graffiti artist spray painting his back. Ramses disk falls and it is down to Christmas and Jessica! Ramses decides to punish Jessica and it’s the hotdog guy again with the ketchup and mustard. After two hours and 52 minutes, Christmas’ disk falls and Jessica wins HOH. After the comp, Jessica gives Christmas a hug and then breaks down. Jessica became a fan of the show because of her father and the day of the comp was the three year anniversary of his death.

Paul is freaking out because he is convinced he is going up this week because he was the one who sent Cody packing the first time. Kevin is talking to Ramses and Jason about how immature he was at the comp. Josh wants to talk to Jessica, but she asks him for a couple minutes. He tells her that he will wait outside. Cody then goes in and Jessica tells him that Josh is waiting to talk. Cody goes out and tells Josh that she doesn’t want to talk to him and neither does he.

Later Cody and Paul are talking and Cody tells him that he isn’t targeting him even though he got him out. They have each taken their shots and that’s a done deal. Cody mentions working with Paul, but Paul tells us that will never happen.

After a brief waist training segment from Kevin, we watch as Cody and Jessica talk noms. She says that Josh is the obvious target and Paul would be a good move too, but she knows they don’t have the votes for that. She decides to go with Ramses and Josh.

Jessica tells Ramses that he isn’t her target, she is using him as a pawn. We all knew that Josh was one of the targets after everything that he has said and done to Jess and Cody in the past. Paul is still trying to figure out why he wasn’t targeted, but he also says that he isn’t out of the water yet. There is still a POV and a possible renom this week.

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