Tonight on Big Brother 19 we will get a look at this week’s Power of Veto competition! We will watch as Paul, Cody, Jessica, Jason, Kevin and Raven compete in the POV comp. Don’t want to wait to find out who wins the POV? You can find the results right here in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 17 - Power of Veto!

Not only will we be able to watch the POV comp play out tonight on Big Brother 19, but for all the feedsters, we will get to see just what went down during the POV meeting that had everyone on edge! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

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We start tonight’s episode right after the noms ceremony and tempers were hot! Cody and Jessica go upstairs to talk to Paul about his noms. Cody gets upset when Paul tells Jessica to lower her voice and Cody gets heated to the point where Paul asks Cody to leave his room. Jessica and Cody go downstairs and she is fuming! She is screaming and yelling about him being a hot head all the time and picking fights with everyone. She tells him that she needs to be alone and walks out.

Paul is in the kitchen telling the rest of the house about what just went on with Cody and Josh is talking about Cody acting like a child. Mark is sick of listening to Josh yell over something that he isn’t involved in and tells him to “shut the **** up.” This causes Josh to get angry and start talking crap to him. Josh then gets his pots and pans and starts banging them in Mark’s face. Mark gets up and rips them out of his hand and looks like he is going to smack him with one when they are told to get to opposite sides of the house! I give Kevin credit for getting in between them.

Mark goes into the rose room with Cody and we see his DR session after the incident. Mark breaks down about being bullied and how what Josh did triggered something in him. Meanwhile, Jessica and Paul are talking about how she tried to warn him not to do that. He is trying to convince her not to use the Hex to save Cody because he is bad for her game.

Paul calls Elena, Matt, Alex, Christmas and Raven into the HOH room to tell them all about the seed he planted with Jessica. He thinks that with the fight that Cody started with Paul proves to her that Cody is a hot head and he isn’t the one for her. Not to mention, she plays a better game when he isn’t in the house.

We then get a look at Christmas’ DR session about her conversation with Jessica after her fight with Cody. She had an agenda during this conversation, I thought she was being genuine during the conversation. She is trying to further convince Jessica that she shouldn’t use the Hex to save Cody.

After her conversation with Christmas, Jessica goes to talk to Cody is playing a “poor me,” “I have nothing left to offer you” pity party. She is trying to get him to talk about what’s going on with them, but he doesn’t give her much hope that there is still something to talk about. She leaves the room and she is pretty upset. She goes back to her room and Elena walks in to talk to her. She is also trying to convince her that Cody isn’t good for her game and uses her situation with Mark to gain her trust.

Meanwhile, Mark is talking to Cody about his situation with Elena because she isn’t happy with his actions towards Josh. Cody is telling Mark that he doesn’t want Jessica to use the Hex to save him, he just wants her to be able to further her game. Later we see as Jessica and Cody are talking again and she tells him that she is concerned that the person she saw him become in the HOH. He is telling her that this is the person he is outside the house too and he doesn’t think he can make her happy. They manage to make up, but Cody is trying to convince her not to save him.

We finally get to the POV comp prep for BB Storm Watch and all the HGs are up all night listening to the announcements all night. The next day it’s time to pick Veto players and we find out that Kevin and Raven will be joining Paul, Jessica, Jason and Cody in the Veto comp. The HGs are exhausted and can barely stand up, but they move on to the Veto Comp.

Jason goes first and it’s hilarious watching him getting pummeled by inflatable sea animals while getting saturated. Cody goes next and he is so monotone in his presentation of the weather, he would never make it as a television personality. Watching the rest of this was pretty hilarious. In the end, Paul manages to win the POV with 22 points.

After the comp, Jessica and Cody go up to the HOH to chat. He wants to make a deal with her so she doesn’t use the Hex to save Cody. The deal consists of two weeks off the block and the next HOH needs to take out Alex, he tells her that safety he can do, but Alex is going to be a little harder. Paul has no intentions of having Alex evicted by the next HOH, but he is determined to make it look like she is getting what she wants.

That’s where the episode ends, we didn’t even get to see the Veto Ceremony where Cody refused to make a speech…I guess that will be on tomorrow night?

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