Tonight we will watch as the Veto Meeting takes place on Big Brother 19. I was waiting to see this last night because from what I saw on the feeds, this meeting is what caused an uproar in the Big Brother house! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 18 - Will the Halting Hex be Used?

If you have missed the action on the Big Brother 19 live feeds, then you probably don’t know what’s going on. If that’s the case, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19!

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We start the episode off with Jessica going to talk to Matt about something that Paul said to her in the beginning of the game. Cody apparently told Matt that he wanted to keep Jason and Alex in the house to take Jessica and Raven out later in the game. Matt doesn’t want to talk about it, says that it’s irrelevant at this point in the game.

Jessica goes to talk to Cody and he denies saying it, but we know he said it. She then calls him out because he has a tell when he is lying (his face twitches) and he gets upset and walks away. Meanwhile, Paul is working the rest of the house to try and get everyone to agree, or make it look like they agree, to getting Alex out. He is able to do that and tells Jessica that.

Jessica then goes to talk to Cody. He gets all teary eyed and tells Jess that he is done, but she is worried about whether he is done with her or the game. She thinks he is done with both. Jessica then goes up to the HOH to talk to Paul, Matt, Raven, MarkElena and Christmas and they all agree to Jessica’s terms of the deal and Paul couldn’t be happier!

It is now time for the Veto Meeting. Paul is saying in the DR that he wants to take Jason off, but thinks that if he takes Jessica down off the block, she might feel more comfortable. Jason is the first person to give his veto speech and it’s a jab at Cody, Jessica says nothing except “world peace” and Cody doesn’t have a speech. Paul decides to use the POV to take Jason down, therefore there is no renom because he was a special third nom.

We then see Jessica talking in the DR and she tells us that even though she made a deal with Paul and the rest of the house, she isn’t going to stand for anyone verbally attacking Cody. After the Veto Meeting, Jessica calls Raven aside to talk to her about how it looks really sketchy when she enters a room and they stop talking. Jessica is really angry and tries to leave the room. Raven then asks Cody and Jessica if she can talk to them.

They go into the lounge and Raven is trying to apologize for what it looked like and tries to explain to her what they were talking about. Then Cody asks her why she is so against him in this house and she tells him that she loves him as a person, but the whole house is against him. Jessica then tells him he might as well stop because nothing he says is going to help.

Raven goes to talk to Paul and tell him what was said in the room. She starts to cry a little and Paul goes to “stick up for her” and while he is talking to Jessica she tells him straight out that he is using the temptation to save the only person in the house that will protect her.

Paul then tells Alex that her name came up in the conversation of the deal, we then see as Paul tells everyone to amp things up a little bit. Josh starts banging pots and pans in the doorway of the lounge and Jessica is laughing it off. She is throwing the fake apples at him and laughing and he’s laughing. This then turns into them asking Jessica questions. Well the questions turned into a screaming match between Jessica, Alex and Raven.

Cody goes to get Jessica and brings her outside and after they leave, the rest of the house follows them. Josh with the pots and pans, Raven, Alex and Christmas screaming at them. Matt and Mark tell us in their DR sessions that this was harassment and Matt mentions that this definitely wasn’t their finest moment.

It is now time for the live vote for eviction, during her eviction speech, Jessica decides to use her Halting Hex and no one will be going home tonight. The Head of Household comp will start soon! For now we are watching as the HGs react to the Halting Hex announcement and the presentation to the house.

The HOH comp this week is called Gravestone Golf and they will have to putt an eyeball on to the other end of the platform. There are slots that are numbered at the end and whoever gets the highest number wins HOH. Matt goes first and he gets a 6, Alex goes next and gets a 2, Mark is third and gets a 15 which puts him in the lead.

Jason is up and gets a 15 also, Cody goes next and gets a 21 which puts him in the lead. Christmas is up now and she gets 21 also so she is tied with Cody. Elena is up now she gets a 13. Jessica is up now and she gets 2. Josh is up now and he gets a 23 which puts him in the lead. Raven goes and gets a 13, Kevin is last and gets a 6. Josh wins HOH!

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