Tonight we continue with part two of the Big Brother 19 premiere and this episode will include the first HOH competition of the season! In the end we will find out who the first HOH on Big Brother 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited. We will also see more temptations being thrown at the HGs! If you missed last night’s episode, you can find my full recap here with all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 2 - First HOH Comp!

Tonight we will not only see the first HOH comp of the season, but we will also find out who was voted by America to get the Pendant of Protection on Big Brother 19! The Pendant of Protection will be offered to one HG and if they take the temptation, there will be more consequences on the house! Keep refreshing and this page for all the Big Brother 19 spoilers!

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Christmas has vowed to find the two people who tried to vote her out. There seems to be a little bit of an alliance going between Mark, Josh and Jason. Meanwhile, there is a bit of a group going between Alex, Ramses and Megan too. Moments later, Josh goes into his bed and starts crying about missing his family and Christmas goes to give him a shoulder to cry on.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rings! It’s Nicole, the winner from last season. What is she doing there? She gathers everyone into the living room and splits them girls on one side and guys on the other. She is there to host the first HOH comp.

They find out that they will be working together in teams of four, two men and two women on each team and they will be determined by a random draw. The comp is called Hangs in the Balance. The teams will be going one by one to pick apples and bring them back. They will be swinging across “vines” to where the apples are, pick them and put them on a hook on their belt. They will then bring them back and hit the button so the next person could go.

There are also Golden Apples which will ensure a person’s safety for the week if they decide to pick it. The catch is, their team is eliminated from the competition. Josh takes the Golden Apple, which is good news for Kevin because that was the team he was on and he doesn’t have to thrown the comp now. The teams are really working hard to get to the next round, they are all neck and neck.

The Pink Team gets all their apples, meanwhile, poor Mark is still competing after dislocating his finger! The Blue Team is the second team to get through to the second round. At the end of the first round, everyone is talking about what Josh did with the Golden Apple. He then flips out on Megan and calls her a snake because he is convinced that she is gunning for him.

With the Pink Team and the Blue team going on, they all have to choose one person from their team to go for the HOH. This leaves everyone else eligible to be put up for eviction. Pink goes with Cody and Blue goes with Paul, they all have to take their apples and attach them to a tree, this tree moves and they have to make it as balanced as possible. The first to get their apples on the tree, let it go and have all their apples stay and hit the button will win HOH.

Cody wins HOH this week!!! When the HGs get back to the house after the comp and Cody has said that he wants to divide the house. Josh is attacking Megan too and she has no idea what he is talking about and frankly, neither do I. Megan apologized to him for whatever he thinks she did and walks away. She is afraid that Josh has put a target on her back, but if anything he put a target on his own back. Even Kevin tells him that the yelling and the look in his eye scared the crap out of Megan and that isn’t cool.

Meanwhile, Paul is wearing Jason’s chaps. Cody tells us that he sees Paul as a threat and says. “what do you do with a threat? You take them out.” After that, Mark and Cody are talking and have formed a bit of an alliance. They decide to let Matt into their little group as well.

Megan is doing dishes and Josh comes in to get a cup of water. Josh asks Megan if they can talk when she has time. She tells him that no one else is up and asks him if he just wants to talk now. He apologizes to her for blowing up on her and tells her that he is having issues with being away from his family and emotions are running high. She tells him that she forgives him, but she won’t forget.

Megan’s next move is to go talk to Cody, but he doesn’t have anything to say to her. She is really cliche about how she approaches him and he isn’t going for that at all. Cody is trying to get a team together, which he is already doing with the guys but he wants to get some of the girls in on this group too.

Mark goes up to talk to Cody and Cody tells him that he has narrowed it down to Alex, Raven and Megan. He tells Mark that he doesn’t trust Paul, but Mark kind of does so he is trying to save Paul, but not pushing the issue too hard. It is time for Cody to pick his noms! Who will they be?

The first nom for Big Brother 19 is Jillian and the second nomination goes to Megan! Tells Megan that he just doesn’t like her that much and tells Jillian that he feels like her association is with Megan! Who do you think will end up evicted? We will find out next week! Sunday will find out who will be tempted by the Pendant of Protection and Tuesday is the POV comp and next Wednesday is the live eviction!

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