Tonight on Big Brother 19 we will watch as the remaining HGs compete in the Power of Veto comp. As you all know, Jessica, Elena and Mark are on the block this week and it is imperative for Jessica to win. If she doesn’t win this comp, she could be the one going home. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happens!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 20 - Power of Veto!

After the Power of Veto comp we will get to see if the POV is used to take anyone off the block. If it is used then Josh will have a big decision to make. Who will Josh renom tonight on Big Brother 19? Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

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We start tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Elena is freaking out because if Jessica wins the POV, her or Mark are going home. Josh is trying to talk to Jessica and Cody, but she is in a mood and doesn’t really want to have a conversation with him. Josh continues to talk to Jessica, but Cody is getting nasty which is also making Jessica nasty. Kevin is standing there too so Josh can’t really tell her that he isn’t really gunning for her, he’s gunning for Elena.

Paul is talking to Christmas about her temptation and asking if she can still use it. Her temptation is the Ring of Replacement which allows her to take any one of the randomly selected veto players out of the veto comp and she can play in their place. Paul has a plan, he tells her she should use it if Cody gets picked. After this conversation, she goes to tell Josh about her temptation and Paul’s plan. She tells him that she will support him in any decision he makes about whether she should use it or not.

Paul doesn’t want Christmas to use it this week and they go up to tell Paul together. Josh tries to get Paul to understand that regardless if she uses it or not, Jessica is the target. Josh tells him that it doesn’t really matter to Josh who goes home first, Elena or Jessica. Paul brings up that Jessica and Cody going to jury together is two votes against him where Elena will most likely vote for Josh. Which I don’t think will happen now that he put her on the block. Christmas tells him to blink really hard if he wants her to use it.

It’s time for the veto comp, Jessica, Mark, Elena and Josh are joined by Alex who was picked by Mark and Cody. Will Josh blink at Christmas to signal her to use the Ring of Replacement?? When we get back from commercial, Cody is telling us how excited he is that he is playing in the Veto. Josh then blinks at Christmas and she stands up. Saying “my turn!” That’s when the Ring of Replacement comes out. She tells the HGs that she has decided to use the Ring to replace Cody in today’s Veto comp.

Needless to say, Jessica is upset, but on the bright side, there are no more temptations in play. After the players are picked, Cody and Jessica go to their room and Cody starts crying. Christmas goes to talk to Jessica, but Jessica doesn’t want to talk to her. Christmas tries to tell her it isn’t personal, but it is. Christmas did it to stab Cody in the back for putting her on the block during his HOH. Jessica goes to tell Cody about Christmas trying to talk to her. Jessica is talking about how she really needs to win this comp.

The Veto Comp is the Otev comp and Christmas isn’t medically cleared to compete in this comp. Otev is a possessed pig this season and he is spewing green slime at everyone. The first question is how many souls played in Bowlerina and ther last one to find the number 4 is Elena. She is eliminated. The second question is how many souls showed off their ink in the comp Inked and Evicted. The answer is three and the last person to find it is Jessica and she is eliminated.

The third question is how many souls who gave punishments to other players in What’s the Holdup. Josh is the last person to get back up to Otev and he is eliminated. The last question is how many soles scored under 20 points in Under the Weather. Alex beats Mark up to Otev, but she lost her number on the way back up. Mark is then able to take the spot in front of Otev and he has the right number. Which means Alex is eliminated and Mark wins POV!

Jessica has come to terms with the fact that her game is probably over and she is pretty upset about it. She is also worried about Cody after she leaves, but says she is looking forward to being with Cody after the house. She asks Cody is he is going to be ok and he tells her that he is going to be angry and he is going to rip through the house. Jessica says she wants to see him take out Paul.

We end tonight’s episode off with the POV ceremony and we watch as Mark takes himself off the block with the Veto and Josh renoms Raven. This was part of a master plan by Raven and Matt. They plan on using this renom against Josh later in the game.

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