Tonight we will watch as one of three ladies walk out the door and are greeted by Julie Chen on Big Brother 19. Which will it be? Jessica, Elena or Raven? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 21 - Live Eviction and HOH!

Just a shot of the ladies as they sat on the block together last night on Big Brother 2017. Tonight, one of them will be evicted from the Big Brother 19 house. Keep following along with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out which one! Also, find out who will be the Head of Household for week 7 right here!

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We start tonight’s episode with the end of the Veto Ceremony and Josh is telling us that he is gunning for Elena. Kevin tells Jessica that he will look out for Cody when she is gone. He also tells Jessica that he isn’t going to go after her this week, just like he hasn’t gone after them in the past. Kevin tells Jess that he like Cody, never had any problems with him before. Later, Jessica tells Cody that Kevin wants to talk to him and make a deal with him. She tells him that Kevin would be willing to keep Cody safe. Cody isn’t liking this because Paul is on that side.

Kevin tells Jason and Alex that he has this idea to keep Cody in the house for a couple weeks and use him to gun after some of the other HGs. They don’t seem keen to the idea so Kevin brings it up to Paul and he doesn’t trust Cody, but he tells Kevin that if Cody wins HOH, he would be open to it. If he doesn’t win, Kevin says they will put him up. Later, Kevin and Jason are doing their walk around the yard and Cody is telling them that if he loses Jess, he doesn’t have anyone left. Kevin tells him that they have him and Jason. Cody tells them that the other couples are his target if he wins and Kevin tells him that he would be safe if someone on that side of the house wins.

Cody tells us that he doesn’t mean any of what he said, Jason is worried because Paul, Alex and Jason didn’t really agree to any of this. Now Jason has to do damage control. Paul is upset because this deal that Kevin made with Cody could make all of them targets in the future. We then get a look at Josh who is still trying to get Elena out, but then Jessica starts to pick on Josh. Everyone was picking on Matt for taking so many showers and Josh says he is the reason for the drought.

They all go outside and Paul tells Josh that he should ask Jessica if she knows how to spell “evicted” and he jumps at the chance. This triggers a huge fight between Josh and Jessica with Cody chiming in occasionally. This argument includes name calling, her banging stuff in his face and then he goes upstairs to cry. Everyone comes in to see how he is and comfort him. He is telling them that he was just joking with her and they made it personal. I think it’s safe to say that Jessica is now his target.

Josh gets his pots and pans and starts banging them at Jessica and Cody who are outside. Cody goes to get the pots and pans from Josh and gets in his face. Kevin has told us that his deal with Cody is not going to happen now. It is now time for the live vote and eviction!

  • Alex – Jessica
  • Christmas – Jessica
  • Cody – Raven
  • Kevin – Jessica
  • Paul – Jessica
  • Mark – Jessica (that’s enough votes)
  • Matt – Jessica
  • Jason – Jessica

Julie announces to the house that Elena is safe this week with zero votes and by a vote of 7-1, Jessica has been evicted. Julie tells Jessica that Elena was really his target and Jessica tells her that she had been lied to so many times that she didn’t know what to believe. HOH comp is coming up next! Keep refreshing this page to find out who wins HOH this week on Big Brother 19!

This HOH comp is called Hocus Focus. They will be watching a series of performances and then they will have to answer true or false questions about them. If they get the question wrong, they are eliminated and the last HG standing will be HOH. After the first performance and question no one is eliminated. After the second question Mark, Kevin, Jason and Paul are eliminated. After the third question no one else is eliminated. Here comes the second performance.

After the fourth question Christmas is eliminated. After the fifth question Cody, Elena and Matt are eliminated. After the sixth question Raven is eliminated which means that Alex wins HOH for the second time! We end the episode off with Julie saying goodbye to the HGs. Julie asks Cody how he thinks he will do without Jessica in the house and you can hear him choking back the tears. Julie tells the HGs that they have officially made it to Jury and she suggests that they should all fight for their lives because there will be no Jury BattleBack! Also, next Thursday is a double eviction night!

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