Tonight we will watch as six of the remaining Big Brother 19 houseguests compete in the Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 2017. For anyone who doesn’t watch the feeds, you know that in order for Cody to avoid eviction, he has to be picked and win the POV. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 23 - Power of Veto!

If you don’t want to wait to find out who wins tonight’s Power of Veto comp, you can get the results right here! After the POV comp one of the HGs found themselves a target, but was it enough to take the target off Cody? Find out with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers! Keep refreshing this page to get the details of tonight’s POV comp!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Alex and Paul talking about who they are going to target if they can’t get Cody out this week. They come up with a F5 of him, her, Josh, Jason and Christmas, maybe. Alex expects that they will have complete control over the house once Cody, Mark and Elena. Cody is talking to Kevin and Kevin is talking about how much he misses his kids. Kevin gets emotional and goes into the storage room to be alone.

It is time to pick players for the Veto, Alex, Jason, Matt and Elena are joined by Mark and Paul who was picked by Alex when her chip is pulled. Cody is crushed that his name wasn’t picked. After players are picked, Kevin and Cody are talking and Cody tells him that he has a daughter and he gave up his summer with his daughter to be on this show. He tells him that he didn’t tell anyone about his daughter because he didn’t want it used against him. He basically told Kevin this so that Kevin didn’t think he was alone with his feelings about missing his kids.

It is time for the Veto Comp! In this comp, each round a player will launch an arrow at a mat and each area of the map has a point value. At the end of the round the player with the least amount of points is eliminated. They then get to pick a prize, but the player eliminated after them can take their prize.

After the first round Paul is eliminated and claims his prize and he ends up with the Veto as his prize. After the second round Mark is eliminated and he gets a vacation as his prize and decides to keep the vacation instead of taking the Veto from Paul. After the third round Jason is eliminated and gets the tandem skydiving prize which attaches him to another HG for 48 hours. He trades Paul for the Veto instead. After the fourth round Matt is eliminated and gets the extreme-itard but he trades it for Jason’s Veto.

Before the final round, Alex and Elena promise not to curse each other. In the final round, Alex is eliminated and wins $5,000, but Elena’s prize is campguide which means she has to cook one hotdog for each HGs in the house. She decides to take Alex’s prize and stick Alex with the curse. Alex is so mad right now and she tells us that she wants nothing to do with her anymore. So let’s break this down. Paul gets to tandem skydive with a HG of his choice, he chooses Christmas, Jason has the extreme-itard, Alex gets to cook hotdogs for the HGs for a week, Elena gets $5,000, Mark got a trip for two to Colorado and Matt wins the POV and an Outback dinner!

After they HGs get back to the house, Alex is telling Jason how mad she is about the whole POV thing. Alex wants to take Jason off the block and renom Cody, but she wants to send Elena home after that. Meanwhile Cody is telling her that he would have done the same thing. Elena tells him that Alex would have done it too. Cody is trying to make Elena feel good about what she did because if she doesn’t apologize, she might be public enemy number one. Alex tells the rest of the house that she is going to invite Cody up to hang out and make Elena really nervous.

Cody is talking to everyone, but he is telling us in the DR that he hates having to talk to these people, but if it’s going to get him closer to getting that $500,000, he’s going to do it. Jason is called to the DR to get his Exteme-Itard and it is hilarious! Every time they queue him on the speakers, he has to scream “I’m so extreme” and they do it at the most hilarious times!

We then get a look at Christmas and Paul in their tandem skydiving outfit and then there is Alex. Every time she hears a bugle, she has to set up a campsite according to the diagram, cook 11 hotdogs, one for each HG and then clean up the campsite. Cody finds himself trying to get her to keep him in the house. She tells us that it almost makes her want to go rogue and vote Elena out just for sticking her with this curse.

Matt gets to pick five HGs to join him with his Outback Dinner. He invites Mark, Elena, Paul, Alex and Jason. Paul forfeits his spot and lets Christmas go instead because she has been such a good sport being attached to him. He also mentions to us it’s because he got to go last year on the live feeds. Meanwhile the rest of the HGs are hanging around the house doing pretty much nothing.

After they come back in from their dinner, Cody goes upstairs to talk to Alex and Jason about trying to keep him in the game. He tells them that if he goes up, he will be sent home. He is trying to sell them on it by telling them as long as he is in the house, they aren’t the targets and if they rotate HOH wins, they can make it pretty far. Matt is told to use the Veto to take Jason off so they can renom Cody. Matt is nervous about using his Veto win to save someone other than himself.

It is time for the Veto Ceremony, Matt is giving his speech when Jason is queue’d for his extreme punishment. Matt uses the Veto to take Jason off the block and Alex renom’s Cody. She tells him that she is washing her hands of this. Cody is not happy about this because he knows that he doesn’t have the ability to save himself this week. Elena is still nervous because she took the $5000 from her in the POV comp.

Make sure you come back tomorrow night to find out who will be evicted! Will it be Cody, Elena or Matt? Also, remember tomorrow is Double Eviction night! Who else will be going home tomorrow night? Find out here tomorrow!

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