Tonight we will watch as not one, but two Big Brother houseguests walk out of the Big Brother 2017 house! If you have missed any of the craziness that has been going on in the house, make sure you check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details! In the meantime, are you ready to find out who will be evicted this week on Big Brother 19?

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 24 - Double Eviction Night!

Cody has put a pretty big target on his back and there really is no question as to who will be the first HG to be evicted tonight. Then we will watch as everyone else competes in the HOH, POV and then there will be another Big Brother 19 eviction! Keep refreshing this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

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We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the house imploding and Cody is talking about how he isn’t the biggest target, he is the safest. After a brief look back at this week in the Big Brother 2017, it is time for the HGs to vote!

  • Paul – Cody
  • Mark – Cody
  • Kevin – Cody
  • Josh – Cody (That’s enough to send him to Jury)
  • Raven – Cody
  • Jason – Cody
  • Christmas – Cody

No one is surprised that it is unanimous. He leaves in pure Cody fashion, without saying a word to anyone. In his eviction speech he made up a bunch of lies about fake plans to go after Paul. Julie tells Cody that he will be heading to Jury and he must be looking forward to some solitude and he tells her “well it’s a double eviction so you kind of screwed that up for me.” He also mentions plans to marry Jessica, short term or long term relationship goal?

It is time for the HOH, it is a shuffleboard comp. Two people will go head to head and whoever gets closest to the end without going over wins the round. The loser will be eliminated the winner picks the next two to go. This will go on until the last person standing. Matt is eliminated first, then Elena, Josh is eliminated third. Raven is eliminated next, Kevin is eliminated fifth and then Mark is eliminated. Paul is eliminated and it is down to Jason and Christmas. Jason wins HOH!

Jason’s noms are coming up next! Jason nominates Mark and Elena. Jason calls Mark out for his idea to make a big move against Paul and he tells Elena that he is nominating her because of what happened with Alex. It is time to pick players for Veto and see if one of them could save themselves! Raven, Josh and Matt are the three HGs picked at random draw to join Jason, Mark and Elena in the Veto.

The Veto is a puzzle challenge and the first person to finish three puzzles will win the Veto. Jason and Mark both hit the final puzzle and Mark wins Veto!!!! He gives Elena a hug and apologizes, she tells him it’s fine, but he is crying because he knows she is going home. Mark uses the POV to pull himself off the block and Jason renom’s Matt, which almost guarantees that Elena will go home tonight.

It is time for the live votes, again.

  • Raven – Elena
  • Alex – Elena
  • Mark – Matt
  • Josh – Elena
  • Paul – Elena (that is enough votes and Elena will be evicted)
  • Christmas – Elena
  • Kevin – Elena

Elena is the second HG to be evicted tonight on Big Brother 2017! Elena tells Julie that Cody and Jessica were really bad for her game, but she loves Jessica to death. As far as her and Mark, she did say that she promised him that she would let him take her out on a date in Dallas and they will see what happens. Tomorrow Derrick will surprise the HGs in a special episode of Big Brother 19 and Sunday will be the HOH comp!

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