Big Brother 19 has been teasing this special bonus episode since last week’s live eviction, even though most of us noticed it on our television guides the week before. We have no idea what the episode is going to be about all we know at this point is that there is going to be a special guest surprising the HGs in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 25 - Special Episode!

You are probably wondering why I used a picture of Derrick Levasseur, the Big Brother 16 winner. Well that’s because he is going to be a special guest on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19. That is pretty much everything we know about the episode. Make sure you catch up on all the Big Brother 2017 spoilers including who was evicted last night during the Double Eviction!

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Tonight we start the episode off with Elena leaving and Mark is in the DR telling us that he feels horrible about it because he feels like it’s his fault. Paul is telling us that he is confused about why they haven’t gotten him out, I think most of America is wondering the same thing. We then see some more of the after DE fall out. Mark is the target this week according to the chatting in the house.

Paul is thinking about Jason’s speech and has put two and two together that he was calling Mark out for wanting to make a big move and get Paul out. Paul confronts him about it in the kitchen and Jason denies knowing what the big move was or that he was toying with the idea of helping him with his plan. The HGs are talking about being hungry and then all of a sudden the doorbell rings and they all run to the door.

Who is standing there? Derrick Levasseur and he has a duffle bag! He tells them that he is the next twist, but the duffle bag is a prop and he tells them that he is just messing with them. He goes into the kitchen and he is talking to the HGs about how Big Brother 19 has been for them so far. Mentions that there has been some fights, crying and pots and pans. We then get a look at the day that Josh spent banging pots and pans and jumping on furniture to drive Mark and Cody nuts.

He then brings up the showmances and then says that there is one he wants to talk about first and that’s Jessica and Cody. Josh mentions that he knows that he loved her, but he wasn’t sure that she loved him back. We then get a look at their time together in the house. The good times and the bad times. Including their fight that caused Cody to move out of the rose room for 12 hours.

Derrick then wants to talk about Ramses and he asks if he has any crushes in the house. Raven tells him that Matt was and he was trying to stealing him away from her. He then switches the conversation about friendships and then asks Alex if she even would have imagined she would be friends with a rodeo clown. We then get a look at Alex and Jason moments.

Derrick then wants to talk about Mark and Elena and we get to rewatch all the Mark and Elena moments so far this season. Including all the one sided flirting and Elena telling him that he isn’t good for her game and then some more one sided flirting. Mark didn’t seem to get the hint any of the 20 times she threw it at him.

Derrick asks Matt how he can eat all that cereal and still have those abs. He tells us in the DR that he is a cereal junkie (gee, we didn’t notice that) and that it is sometimes embarrassing. He admits that he gets up in the middle of the night and eats it. We have seen him eat 10 bowls in a single day on the feeds. They talk about all the laughs they have all had in the house including Jessica not knowing what a hymen is and her going around asking everyone what it is and everyone laughing at her.

We then get a look at the epic food fight in the house between Mark and Josh when Mark threw pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face. In case you forgot what that looked like, I have included a picture for you.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Monday

Then Josh comes outside with condiments and gets Mark back for it. I also have a picture of that for you below. You’re welcome.

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 11 - DoT and Live Eviction!

We then get a look at Alex scaring everyone in the house while hiding in the storage room, including when she jumped out of the trash can and scared the hell out of Jason. I laughed so hard seeing that on the feeds. She also got Josh really good in a dark HN room. He screamed so loud. Derrick then thanks the HGs for the walk down Memory Lane and then mentions that he is there to also host the HOH comp which is a memory game! Look for the results a little later tonight when the live feeds come back up!

We have a new HOH and a new set of noms on Big Brother 2017! Check out my spoilers to get all the details!

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