So far this week we have seen Jason win the HOH comp on Big Brother 19 and he put up Raven and Matt as nominees. They are both under the impression that they are pawns this week so that the house can backdoor Kevin. Will everything go as planned? If you want to know what happens before they show it on television, you can get all the details with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 30 - Power of Veto!

The plan is for someone to win the Veto and then take Raven off the block to renom Kevin. After we watch the POV comp, we will find out if the Veto is used, who it is used on and who the renom is, if the Veto is used of course. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 right here!

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We start tonight off after the noms ceremony and Jason gives Raven a hug and tells her not to worry because they are going to pull her off. Raven tells Paul this and he tells her not to worry, she’s fine, but he tells us that he knows that’s not the case.

We then watch as the POV players are picked, Jason picks Josh’s chip, Matt picks Paul’s name and Raven picks Kevin’s name, which is the one name she didn’t want picked. Paul really wants to gun for it and win the POV and use it to take Raven off so that Jason has to renom Kevin, but he tells Josh that if he wins it he is going to keep noms the same. He asks Jason if he should throw it or gun for it, Jason tells him to go for it. He tells us that he is nervous about anyone winning it but him because he thinks that everyone in the house wants Kevin out and he would be the only renom choice.

It is time for the Veto Comp and it’s Hide and Go Veto! The HGs will have to take turns hiding their Veto Cards and then the HGs will take turns going in to look for the Veto Cards. Once 5 cards are found, they will find out who’s cards were found and whoever’s card isn’t found will win the POV! Each HG is given two minutes in each round to find a Veto, if they don’t find it in the two minutes, they go back outside and the next person goes.

After the first round, Kevin is really upset that his things are thrown around, but it’s kind of part of this POV. The first Veto card was found by Jason in the second round. Raven found a card in round three and a second one in a later round. Matt finds a veto card also, which means that there is only one left to be found! Jason finds a second one to end the comp. Who’s cards were found?

The first card found was Josh’s, the second one found was Matt’s, the third one found was Kevin’s, the fourth one found was Paul’s and the final one was Raven’s! Which means that Jason won the POV! The HGs all go back into the house and can’t believe the way the house looks after that comp. Now it’s time to clean the house!

Kevin and Jason are having a chat and Kevin asks him if the plan is to get Matt out and Jason tells him it is. Jason then asks if Kevin would be okay with going up with as a pawn so that he can make Alex and Paul happy. Kevin isn’t okay with this idea and Jason tells him that he won’t do it then. Jason tells Paul and Alex that he doesn’t want to go up with Kevin sitting right there and Jason tells him that he thinks they should gun for Matt.

Alex is not happy with this and Jason is starting to notice that Alex and Paul are looking back and forth at each other. He is realizing that they wanted him to put Kevin up so that they can vote him out. He is making the decision on his own and doesn’t really care who he upsets in the process. Matt and Raven are nervous that Jason might not use the POV on her and Alex is talking to Christmas about how Jason is making her mad by not putting Kevin up. Jason comes in and Alex tells him that he has to put Kevin up, but he tells her and Christmas “no.” Paul comes in and tells him that putting Kevin up is Jason’s best bet, but he tells him that it’s his HOH and he has the POV so it’s his decision.

Jason left the room, he doesn’t plan on using it. Alex is going on and on in the DR about how if he doesn’t put Kevin up he makes two jury votes mad, but if he does then he only makes one jury vote mad. She says the he is shooting himself in the foot and ruining his chance at $500,000. Isn’t that good for her though? What’s the big deal?

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony and Jason gives each of them each a chance to give their speech. Raven gives her speech and Matt asks Jason not to use it on him, but to use it on Raven instead. Jason tells them that he has decided not to use the POV, but asks them if either of them have a question for him. They both turn down the opportunity to ask him a question and they are both clearly upset about this decision.

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