On Thursday we were supposed to watch the Head of Household competition after the live eviction on Big Brother 19. However, thanks to Mother Nature, the HOH comp was postponed after rain hit the area and the backyard was too wet to safely compete. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details of this week’s HOH comp!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 32 - HOH and Nominations!

After we find out who the HOH is for the week, we will find out who the nominations are. If you have been following my Big Brother 2017 spoilers, you already know who won HOH and who the noms this week are. If you don’t you can get all the details right here with my Big Brother 19 live recap! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details! 

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We start tonight’s episode off with the HOH comp which Paul has talked everyone into throwing to Christmas. This way he doesn’t make anyone mad and doesn’t lose any allies. Paul has talked to Alex, Jason and Josh and they are talking about throwing the comp as long as Paul can get Kevin to agree to throw it also. He goes to talk to him and he agrees to throw it and Paul goes back to Paul to tell Alex that he agreed to throw it. Now that he has talked everyone into throwing the comp to Josh or Christmas, including the two people who are their targets this week, he is golden.

Back to the comp, the comp is called, Ready Set Whoa and it will run for five races. Each race, one HG will be eliminated and what they have to do is run as soon as the words “Ready” and “Set” then “Go” the HG sprints down their lane and hits one of their buttons at the finish. There are decoy words and if they move their hands of feet, they will be eliminated for false starting. The big question for everyone this week was how was Christmas cleared for this comp. They didn’t even tell us if she was cleared or not before the comp begun.

Kevin is the first person to throw the comp and he tells them all that he could have won this. Alex tells us that she can’t believe that Kevin was dumb enough to throw this comp because he literally just got himself evicted because of it. Little does she know, her best friend and her are the real targets and she was just as stupid as Kevin. Raven is the next person to throw it. It is down to Paul, Josh and Christmas. Paul is the next one to throw it leaving Christmas and Josh up. Josh decides he is going to throw it to Christmas so that he play next week.

Christmas tells Josh that they have to get through at least one race and tells him to trip or something so that she can win it by hitting her button. He false starts anyway and lets her have the HOH. That is how a woman with a broken foot wins a foot race. Can’t make this stuff up. Alex is offering to go up as a pawn because she thinks that Kevin is the target. Christmas is laughing about how Alex was already going up, right next to Jason.

Pal, Christmas and Josh are talking about how to approach the nominations. Christmas is just going to put them both up and if one of them wins the Veto, put Kevin in their place. Josh is talking about Elena when all of a sudden Alex gets up and runs into the bathroom. She hides in one if the cabinets under the sink and tells Paul to lure him into the bathroom when he comes out. He does and Alex jumps out of the cabinet and scares the crap out of Jason. it was pretty funny. Meanwhile, the Tree of Temptation is lit up and no one is going for it. This is the final week for the Tree of Temptation.

Jason tells us that everyone is so scared of this tree, but he really wants to go after one and he says he is going for one and goes towards the DR and everyone kind of freaks out a little bit. Jason didn’t really go into the DR, he went into the bedroom. Christmas tells us that he should have because he is going to wish he did after the nomination ceremony. Alex is talking to Jason about what they should do, like it’s her HOH and she is deciding if they are putting pawns up or backdooring Kevin. Little does she know, Jason and Alex are going up and not coming back down.

The more I watch this, the more I can’t wait for the Veto Ceremony to happen and for Alex and Jason to realize that trusting Paul was the dumbest thing they could have done! Christmas decides to go the route that makes them think the plan is still to BD Kevin by putting Alex and Jason up on the block. Jason pretends to faint and fall out of his chair. Christmas tells Alex that she is a pawn and she tells Jason that she is putting him up because he is a triple threat and a strong competitor. Jason is freaking out. Alex, not so much because she is brainwashed by Paul.

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