Tonight we will watch as two of the remaining HGs on Big Brother 19 are sent to the Jury house. The first eviction will claim either Jason or Kevin as the next Jury member and then we will go on to watch Kevin, Christmas, Alex, Paul, Raven and Josh compete for the next HOH spot. Who are you hoping wins the HOH comp tonight on Big Brother 2017?

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 34 - Double Eviction Night!

After the new HOH is named, they will name their two nominations and then all the remaining HGs will go on to play in the Power of Veto comp. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother house this week, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 right here!

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We start this episode off with a look at the house after the Veto Ceremony and Kevin is uncomfortable, which is making Alex comfortable. Josh is still mad that Paul used the POV on Alex and Paul mentions that they have to make sure it’s a tie breaker situation. Paul is telling us that he is coming out of this clean because he never went against Alex, therefore she won’t target him if she wins the HOH.

Josh and Raven are going to be the votes against Jason and Paul and Alex are going to be the votes against Kevin. Jason and Josh are in the hottub talking and Jason tells Josh that he feels good about putting Kevin out this week. Josh is getting emotional in the hottub, but doesn’t say anything to Jason. Josh tells us that if he wants to pull a crazy move, he could blow up this house!

It’s time for the first vote to evict!

  • Alex – Kevin
  • Raven – Jason
  • Paul – Kevin
  • Josh – Jason

It is a tie, which means that Christmas will have to vote to break the tie! Julie tells the house that there is a tie and that Christmas will have to be the deciding vote. She votes to evict Jason! He grabs his bag and leaves the house without saying bye to anyone even Alex. Now, Josh and Paul are fake fighting. Jason is talking to Julie and he calls everyone in the house “counterfeits” and then tells Julie that he would love to go back in there for just 5 minutes. Julie tells him that for the safety of other HGs, that isn’t a good idea.

It is time for the HOH called Fake News and the HGs will have to decide whether or not the BB News Headline is real or fake and the HG with the most points after 7 headlines will win HOH. After the first round, they all get a point, after the second round Raven, Alex and Kevin have 2 points. After the third round Raven, Alex and Kevin are in the lead with 3 points. After the fourth round Raven and Alex are in the lead with 4 points. After the fifth round, Alex is in the lead with 5 points. After the sixth round, Alex is still in the lead with 6 points.

After the final round Alex wins HOH with 7 points! Paul goes out and gives her a hug and then walks with her back into the house. Alex nominates Kevin and Raven. Kevin for obvious reasons and Raven for voting against Jason. Now it is time for all the HGs to participate in the Power Of Veto comp. In this comp, Lime Drop, they will have to race down to a lemon truck and find limes. Then they drop them into a tube behind the stage they are standing on. The first person to get 4 limes in their tubes and then races back to their lemon truck to hit their button will win the POV.

The limes are as big as the tubes so it isn’t easy to drop them in there. Josh and Alex are the first ones with limes in their tubes. Christmas gets one, Alex gets her second and then Raven gets one. Alex has three and Paul is cheering her on. Christmas gets two limes, Kevin gets one, Paul gets one, Josh gets two, Raven gets two. Raven gets three, Josh gets his third and Josh gets his fourth! Josh has won POV! The HGs get back into the house and Josh has decided not to use the POV. Raven and Kevin will remain on the block.

Time for the next vote to evict!

  • Paul – Raven
  • Christmas – Raven
  • Josh – Kevin

With two votes, Raven will be leaving the Big Brother 19 house! There is a big announcement at the end of this episode! There is going to be a special winter season of Big Brother with all celebrities!!

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