Tonight we will watch as the Final 5 on Big Brother 19 compete in this week’s BB Comics Power of Veto comp! If you don’t want to wait to find out the results of tonight’s POV comp, you can get the details right here! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2017!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 36 - Early Eviction!

We will then watch as the HGs in the Big Brother 19 house are surprised with an early eviction! The HG was actually evicted yesterday while the feeds were down and some rumors started to swirl. If you have missed anything on the Big Brother live feeds, you can get all the information in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out what happened.

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We start tonight’s episode off with the announcement to the HGs that there will be an early eviction! We then start off where last episode ended, after the nomination ceremony. Alex is fake crying in the lounge and trying to make Josh feel like crap about nominating her. She tells him that she can’t believe that someone who was supposedly her friend would stab her in the back like that. He tells her that they still have the veto and he hints that she isn’t her real target but the only way he can go after his target is if she wins the POV.

We then get a look at Josh crying in the Lounge later that night and Christmas and Paul are trying to get him to stop with the emotions, but it isn’t working. Paul goes in to talk to Alex and the first thing she says to him is “Did I every tell you I can cry on command?” and she then tells him that she is worried about both of them because if she wins the Veto and takes herself down that he will be the renom. He tells us in his DR that she needs to worry about herself because she is the target.

Josh and Christmas are having a conversation now about if she would bring Josh to F2, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to have to make that decision. He is heartbroken that she didn’t tell him that she would take him because he would without a doubt bring her. It is time for the BB Comics POV comp! They will have to hit their button, go down the zipline and match their BB Comics collection with the one that is inside the window down the zipline. There are two comics for each with very subtle differences. The HG that gets all the comic covers right the fastest, win.

Kevin has a really hard time with this comp, he actually times out on the comp and we find out on the feeds that he is colorblind and that’s why he had such a problem with it. After everyone is finished, we find out the results. In the end, Paul wins the Power of Veto and Alex is happy about this because she thinks that he is going to use it and take her down and he will also be safe, but she has no idea what’s coming next.

Alex asks Paul who they are taking to F3 and he asks her to come talk to him in the lounge. This is where he tells her that if he uses the POV on her, he is throwing his game in the trash and she would win. She is obviously not happy because she went along with his plan the whole time and now he is being selfish and not pulling her off the block. She tells him that she would still take him even if she knew she was going to lose. Paul is crying in the HOH and in the DR and he seems genuinely upset about having to stab Alex in the back. It is now time for the POV Ceremony and like he told her, he doesn’t use the POV to save anyone.

It is time to watch as Paul and Christmas cast their votes to evict!

  • Christmas – Alex
  • Paul – Kevin

There is a tie that means that Josh will have the final say. Josh decides to Vote to Evict Alex because she is the strongest player left in the game and he knows he can’t beat her in the end. Alex leaves the Big Brother 19 house without saying anything to anyone. It is now time for the HOH comp! It is called What the Bleep? Julie will give them clips, they will have to then answer true or false questions about what the bleeped out part of the clip is.

After the first clip, Kevin, Paul and Christmas all have a point. After the second clip, Paul is the only one with a second point. After the third clip, everyone gets a point. After the fourth clip, Paul gets a point. Paul has 4 points and Christmas and Kevin each have 2. After the fifth clip, Paul gets another point and he locks in the HOH. Which means he has secured his spot in the F3.

Tomorrow we will find out which of the other three HGs will be evicting leaving only the final 3! We will also find out which HG will secure the final HOH! Make sure you head over to to vote for your pick for America’s Favorite Player right here!

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