Tonight we will watch as either Jillian or Christmas are evicted from the Big Brother 19 house and with that will come a new HOH comp. Not just any HOH comp, but an endurance comp on Big Brother 2017. Tonight is going to be filled drama as these two HGs try and convince the others to keep them in the Big Brother 19 house.

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 5 - Live Eviction and HOH!

Keep refreshing this page to find out all the Big Brother 2017 spoilers on the first live eviction night of the season. Make sure you stick around for my live recap of the endurance comp after which will name the next HOH on Big Brother 19. You will be able to find a link to that at the end of tonight’s recap of Big Brother 2017.

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We started off tonight’s episode right where we ended last night with Cody blindsiding Christmas at the Veto Ceremony. Christmas goes up to the HOH room to tell Cody that she is pissed he blindsided her at the Veto Ceremony and how there were plenty of other options for him that didn’t include someone in his alliance.

Meanwhile, Paul is talking to Dominique and Jessica about how pissed he is that he was the first target. Jessica and Dominique tell him that they had no idea this was the plan. Christmas walks in and tells them that all he had to do was stick to the plan and Dominique is telling us that she doesn’t think she can trust him anymore.

The rest of the house is trying to convince Paul that they had no idea that Cody was planning to blindside him. Raven, Elena and Matt are telling Paul that there is no way they can trust Cody moving forward after he did this to not only Paul but Christmas too. It seems like the only ones who seem to be with Cody on his plan is Mark and Jason. Jessica is made that he didn’t fill her in on his plan.

Mark is talking to Elena, Raven, Matt and Jessica and he can’t believe that everyone is talking about keeping Christmas and jumping ship on Cody. We then get a look at what happened to Christmas’ foot. Jason and her have a morning ritual where they dance and when he is running with her, he falls and you hear her foot crack. She is laying on the ground telling everyone it’s broken.

She is taken out of the house and while she is gone, Paul is campaigning for her. She comes back to the house with her foot in a cast and she fills everyone in on what happened. We then see Mark talking to Christmas and he apologizes to her for giving her the cold shoulder after she was put on the block and then again after she got hurt.

She tells him that it really hurt that everyone stayed parked upstairs when she came home. She starts to cry and he gives her a hug and tells her that he messed up. He then starts crying with her after she accepts his apology. He tells us that he thought it was going to be easy to vote her out, but now he isn’t sure if he can.

It is time for the votes! Here’s how the HGs voted! The following are their VTE:

  • Jessica – Christmas
  • Jason – Christmas
  • Kevin – Jillian
  • Matt – Jillian
  • Raven – Jillian
  • Paul – Jillian
  • Ramses – Christmas
  • Dominique – Jillian
  • Alex – Christmas
  • Elena – Jillian
  • Mark – Jillian
  • Josh – Jillian

With 8 votes, Jillian has been evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.

HOH Endurance comp: They will be playing Sugar Shot and they will have to grab candies and inside the candies are tickets. They will be redeeming tickets for balls and using the balls on the game board. The game board contains three ramps and they will have to roll the balls down the ramps in hopes to get their ball in the middle of the heart on the board. Get the live updates here!

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