Sunday we watched as Paul named his nominations on Big Brother 2017 and tonight we will see how the POV comp plays out. Anyone who has been keeping up with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers knows who won the POV and how things panned out, but now we get to watch it on television!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 7 - Who Wins the POV?

I can’t wait to see all the stuff we missed on the live feeds tonight on Big Brother 19. I know Ramses came within four minutes of winning the POV and ruining Paul’s master plan and I know some things were said after the POV Ceremony that were not captured by the live feeds. Have your popcorn ready! This is going to be good!

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We started tonight’s episode off with the end of the noms ceremony. Paul nominated Alex and Josh and Ramses puts himself off. Cody knows that he is going to be BD’d but there is still one thing that could screw up Paul’s plan. If Ramses wins the POV and takes himself off because then there will be no renom.

The Den of Temptations screen pops up on the television and they are told that the temptation was taken and it’s time for the curse. We know that Jason, Jessica and Cody were cursed, now we learn all the details of the curse. Jessica thinks that it’s Christmas, but she is confused that Jason got it if that’s the case.

We find out that the three of them will be “V-Toads” which means they have to dress as toads and hop around the house. The only place they can sit still is on a lily pad on the floor or near one. It is pretty humiliating and really funny to watch, but I’m wondering how that hinders anyone game?

Meanwhile, Paul and Kevin are talking in the HOH room when all of a sudden Ramses walks in and then walks out. Paul asks Kevin if Ramses thinks that he isn’t being obvious and then asks Kevin to go talk to him. Ramses tells Kevin that he is a man of his work and he isn’t going to go back on what he said. He said he’s going to throw the veto and he plans on doing that.

It is time to pick players for the Veto Comp! With Paul, Ramses, Alex and Josh already playing, there are only two others being picked. Those two players are Elena and Matt! So far Paul’s plan is working out the way they planned. As long as Ramses doesn’t win, they are good to go. They find out that this is an individual challenge. Right before the comp, Ramses tells Paul that he is nervous about throwing this comp, mainly because he promised his family he would never do it.

The veto comp is an airport challenge called Path of Least Resistance. There are a series of questions for them to answer, if they answer correctly they will go through the green door to the next terminal, if they answer wrong they have to complete a challenge to move on. Paul goes first and he hits three delays and everyone else hit quite a few also.

Watching everyone get frustrated and there is a delay that makes them eat something and they are all on the verge of throwing up. Then it’s Ramses turn. He hits all of the delays except one, but he is flying through the delays. At the end we find out that Josh did it in seven minutes 44 seconds, Ramses did it four seconds faster and Elena took 22 minutes and a half minutes, Matt 11 and a half. Alex took 16 and a half minutes, that means that Ramses is in the lead at this point. Paul is freaking out! Paul’s time is four and a half minutes.

Paul is happy that he won, but still pissed that Ramses didn’t “throw” the comp even though we saw that Ramses really did try to throw it. He just happened to do the delay challenges really quickly. Ramses has to do damage control and he needs to do it fast.

We see as Cody and Jessica are talking about how he is definitely leaving. Ramses goes upstairs to the HOH room to talk to Paul who is currently talking about him to Raven and Matt. After Ramses leaves the room, Paul tells us that he isn’t sure if he is going to BD Cody or just rally everyone to vote Ramses out so he doesn’t have to deal with him.

We end the episode off with the Veto Ceremony. Josh goes off on Cody when it’s his time to convince Paul to use the veto on him. Cody asks him if he needs someone to change his diaper. Paul then goes and says that he plans on using the veto on Josh and he renoms Cody! He tells Cody that he knows that Cody wanted to compete against him but he’s more of a checkpoint kind of guy and tells him to hop on over to the noms chair.

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