Tonight we will watch as another HG is evicted from the Big Brother 2017 house. The big question is, will it be Alex, Ramses or Cody walking out those doors tonight? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s Big Brother 19 live eviction!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap: Episode 8 - Live Eviction and HOH!

Not only will we be saying good-bye to one of the Big Brother HGs, but we will watch as a new HOH comp begins. They will most likely not show the whole comp, but don’t you worry, I’ll have Big Brother 2017 spoiler post to fill you in on the results a little later tonight!

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We start tonight off tonight with Julie confirming that there will be a Battle Back on the 21st! Christmas tells everyone in the house that she has been told that she needs to have surgery on her foot. She will have to have choose whether she is going home or if she is going to have the surgery and recover in the Big Brother house.

She has chosen to stay, but with that said, there will be no changes in comps. There will be some she can compete in and some she will sit out. After she makes this announcement, Cody hops off, but Jessica sticks around because she wants to talk to Christmas. Christmas doesn’t really want anything to do with this conversation because she knows that Jessica is just trying to rebuild burnt bridges. Not to mention, Jessica called her a mean girl during this “apology.”

We have found out that Christmas will be VTE from her hospital room because she hasn’t been medically cleared to leave the hospital yet. We then get a look at the HGs throwing Dominique a little birthday celebration. Jessica leaves the kitchen and goes into the lounge and she is in tears about how she has been hit with all these punishments and can’t even celebrate with everyone.

Cody is talking to Christmas and having a chat with her before she leaves for the hospital. He tells her about how Dominique and Mark helped him come to the decision to put Christmas up. He is trying to repair some of the things he messed up. He wants to try and help Jessica out before he is evicted.

We then get a look at Dominique and her talk show where she is going to interview all of the noms for this week. Josh tries to ask him something, but he refuses to answer any of Josh’s questions. There ends up being a heated exchange between Mark and Cody after Cody implies that Mark was one of the couple people that knew every move he was going to make when he was HOH.

After the show, Paul mentions that he isn’t happy about the line of questioning in her show and he is noticing that there are a lot of cracks within their group. He is planning on making those cracks a little bit bigger and then laying low after his protection is up.

It is time for the live eviction vote. Here are their VTE:

  • Jessica – Ramses
  • Kevin – Ramses
  • Christmas – Ramses
  • Raven – Cody
  • Dominique – Cody
  • Mark – Cody
  • Jason – Cody
  • Josh – Cody
  • Elena – Cody
  • Matt – Cody

With seven votes, Cody Nickson has been evicted from the Big Brother 19 house. While talking to Julie he finds out that him, Cameron, Jillian and next week’s evictee will have a chance to Battle Back into the competition. I can’t tell if he is excited or if he is convinced Julie is lying to him, but this might not be the last we see of Cody!

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