When there is a wild week on the Big Brother 19 feeds, there is a wild shift in the Big Brother 2017 polls numbers. Find out right here where your favorite HG landed on our list and let me know in the comments below what you think of the results this week!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results: Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 5

If you have been missing out on any of the drama in the house, make sure you catch up with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers! There are a lot of mixed feeling every week about the HGs this season and I have to say some of these results kind of surprised me. Keep reading to find out who is on our top 5 favorite HG list below!

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I want to start this off by saying I am really surprised about how close these results are. The last few weeks Paul has taken the number one spot by a landslide, this week he almost had some competition! Here we go!

1.) Paul

Paul has been at the top of this list since the start, but this week he didn’t win by his normal 8-9% lead. He took 24% of the votes this week and continues to be a fan favorite no matter how much some hate the fact that he is back in the house.

2.) Jessica

Yes, you read that right. Jessica is at number two and actually took just over 19% of the votes this week! She had a great week with the comps last week and regardless of how her HOH went, she still managed to change the minds of some fans.

3.) Kevin

Kevin has consistently been on this list and up until yesterday evening when the house went a little mad, he was actually in second place. He ended up taking 17% of the votes this week and seems to really be laying low in the house. Or at least keeping himself off the radar.

4.) Cody

The other half of Jody has also made his way onto the list at 11% of the votes. I feel like you are either a fan of Paul’s or a fan of Cody and Jessica’s, you are definitely not both. There are some people who don’t like either. I had a theory yesterday that maybe if you added Cody and Jessica’s votes together, they would beat Paul and I was right. Jody took 30% of the votes combined.

5.) Alex

Alex is still continuing to play a pretty solid game, but I feel like the non-sense that happened on the feeds yesterday is what gave Cody a few more votes than her. Alex ended up with 10% of the total votes this week on my Big Brother 19 poll.

Here is the rest of the HGs in order by votes:

  • Jason
  • Christmas
  • Josh
  • Matt
  • Mark
  • Elena*
  • Raven*

*Elena and Raven were actually tied for the least amount of votes.

Make sure you let me know what you think about this week’s poll results in the comments section below or on social media!

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