With there only being a week left of Big Brother 19, I wanted to change this week’s poll up a little bit. Instead of doing the same old weekly poll, this week I want to know who your favorite HG was all season. If you could pick any HG from the start of the season until now, who would you pick as your favorite? Tell me by voting in the poll below!

Big Brother 19 Poll Who Was Your Favorite HG This Season (POLL)

I know that this season has been pretty hard to watch, but there have been some HGs that were pretty cool to have in the Big Brother 19 house. Who are you going to vote for as America’s Favorite Player for Big Brother 19? If you missed anything from this season of Big Brother, check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up!

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Although this has been a pretty terrible season of Big Brother, someone has to take home the AFP prize. Who would you like to see get the $25,000 AFP prize money? Do you vote for Cody because he was the only one who saw right through Paul from day one? Or do you vote for Paul because he has played everyone in the house, regardless of whether he had an advantage or not? Do you vote for Jason who laid low most of the season, but when he won HOH he made his own decisions, even though that ended up getting him evicted?

Do you vote for Jessica who was able to play a decent social game, but her showmance killed her chances because she shacked up with Cody who was on everyone’s radar? Do you vote for Kevin, the floater who had managed to make it to the F5 and dodged two evictions in a row regardless of Alex’s attempts to get him out?

Do you vote for Cameron who’s only game play was seen during a Battle Back comp where he lost to Cody for a chance back into the house? Or Dominique who tried to warn everyone early on that Paul was up to no good. Poor Ramses who was completely blindsided when he was put on the block with Josh who was on Jessica and Cody’s radar. Jillian who was also blindsided when she trusted someone elsse in the house when they said they would campaign for her.

Do you vote for Christmas who broke her foot week one and couldn’t compete in any physical competitions and still somehow made it to F5? Do you vote for Alex, who is most likely going to be evicted because she trusted Paul and he screwed her over. Do you vote for Mark who attempted to rally people to get Paul out, but went to Jason who just blew up his plan which led to Mark being evicted.

There are so many HGs to choose from and all of them have their pros and cons, but which one do you think deserves to win the $25,000? Let me know who you would like to see win America’s Favorite Player for Big Brother 19 right here by voting in my poll below! I am going to run this poll for a week so make sure you share it with all your friends and get them to vote! I will post the results the day of the Big Brother 19 finale!

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