Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! We finally know when the drama inside the Big Brother 20 house will begin thanks to an announcement by Julie Chen on her Twitter! When does Big Brother 2018 start? Find out right here!

Big Brother 20 Announcement: BB20 Premiere Date Announced!

Julie posted a pretty cryptic message on Twitter just moments ago and as you watch the video, you start to notice that she is trying to announce something! At the end of the video, there are a series of numbers that seem to be a date. With the #BB20 attached to this tweet, the only conclusion to come to is that it’s the premiere date for Big Brother 20!

The video shows us a bench and on that bench is a Big Brother beach ball with a card next to it with a “B” on it. Then we see a rubber duck with another card with another “B” on it. Then a Big Brother casting key with Julie’s name on it with the number 20 next to it. We then see a key hanging out of a doorknob with a “6” next to it, a folded Big Brother t-shirt with a “2” on it and finally a Big Brother coffee mug and water bottle with a “7” next to it.

This leads us to believe that Big Brother 20 will premiere on Wednesday, June 27th! The only other thing we know about this season is that it is not an all-star season like rumors may have indicated early on and episodes will air on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Are you ready for this season of Big Brother 20? Make sure you keep checking back here for all the details of this season of Big Brother 2018!

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