We have met the Big Brother 20 HGs and now we have seen the inside of the Big Brother 2018 house! Keep reading to get an inside look at the Big Brother 20 house with our photo gallery and Julie Chen’s video walkthrough below!

Big Brother 20 House Reveal Photos and Video Walkthrough!

The theme this season is technology and being interactive. Every room in the house has something in it that can be played with in some way. Keep reading to see photos of the inside of the house and a brief description of the room! Are you ready? Here we go!

The first room we saw in the Big Brother video walkthrough was the living room and Julie was climbing the walls, literally! There is a 22-foot high rock wall in the living room. Because of this rock wall, the living room is on a floating platform which spins! Here are some pictures of the living room!

BB20 Living Room

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The next rooms we saw were the bedrooms. The pink and blue bedrooms are mirror images of each other and there is a wall between the rooms that slides. The third bedroom in the house is a fidget spinner room, why you may ask? That’s because there are fidget spinners on the walls inside the room. Here are some pictures of the bedrooms.

BB20 Bedrooms

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We then got a look at the kitchen and dining areas. Everything in the house is interactive and in the kitchen the island is actually on wheels and can be moved. There is a giant gummy bear on the fridge and Julie told us in the video (which you can see below) that inside that gummy bear you can fit 18,120 gummy bears in it. She joked that it sounded like a question for later on. We then got a look at the kaleidoscope room and this room has a giant pin wall. The bathroom is a little different this year, it has four sinks instead of two and it has small frames with popular photo filters for the HGs to play with. There is a game lounge in the loft area with a giant aquarium. Inside the aquarium are game consoles made from a 3D printer and Julie tells us her favorite one is called “Friendship” and you always come in second place, just like Paul. Here is a look at all the other common areas inside the BB20 house!

BB20 Common Areas

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The final place we got to see was the HOH room. New to the HOH room is a one-way intercom that allows the HOH to talk to HGs in other rooms of the house. The HOH can’t hear what they are doing in those rooms, but they can see them on the monitors. The walls inside the HOH room also change colors. Here are some pictures of inside the HOH room!

BB20 HOH Room

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There you have it, folks! That is the BB20 house! One more week until the premiere of Big Brother 20! Stay tuned for some new information on this season’s twist coming up soon!

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