The feeds this week have been pretty dedicated to making a decision on who to save and who to evict this week on Big Brother. One side of the house is pretty sure that Sam is going to be sent home on BB20 but the other side is almost positive they have the votes to keep her. Keep reading to find out what the latest vote count is and more right here!

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Recap Week 1 - Monday

There was a lot of chatter about the votes and where everyone thinks they are going to fall on the BB20 live feeds. There was also some chats about who people would target next week if they won HOH. It is not looking good for one HG in particular. Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap for all the details. Also, if you missed any of this week’s Big Brother spoilers, make sure you catch up right here!

Tyler Tells Sam’s Secret

Tyler and Kaycee were talking and comparing votes. They feel that L6 is in a good spot. Tyler is worried about the smoke that Swaggy is going at Winston and Brett with. He also laughs that at the fact that Swaggy thinks that he on his side too. While they are talking, BB announces “Robot Online” and Sam heads to the DR. Tyler and Kayce continue to talk and don’t think that Sam is going home this week. Tyler tells Kaycee that Sam has the power this week, but doesn’t tell her much more than that. Kaycee thinks that rest of the house is going to flip when it gets used.

More Boy Drama

Swaggy goes to Haleigh to tell her that Kaitlyn is upset about her spending so much time with Faysal. Haleigh thinks that its bull$h!t that she has to worry about Kaitlyn feelings about this when Kaitlyn has a boyfriend back home. She decides that she is just going to ignore Kaitlyn’s jealousy until it fizzles out. Swaggy had suggested that she split her time between Faysal and everyone else so that things don’t get weird.

Later in the feeds, things get a little awkward when Haleigh and Faysal were cuddling under the covers and Kaitlyn walked in. Faysal goes to talk to Kaitlyn later about it, but she plays dumb and swears that she isn’t mad about it. Later, Bayleigh tells Faysal that Kaitlyn told her it looked like him and Haleigh were having sex (they weren’t).

Vote Counting

This is where things get a little interesting…

Faysal, Swaggy, Kaitlyn, and Steve all think that it’s going to be a landslide against Sam. They all agree that the rest of the house would be foolish not to vote with them and get Sam out.

L6 thinks that they have the majority of the votes to keep Sam. Later in the feeds yesterday, Haleigh and Rockstar are talking and they come up with this grand scheme that they are going to vote to save Sam and then blame it on Winston and Brett later. Brett and Winston are already voting to keep Sam (as of now, but this could change). If Haleigh and Rockstar try to throw in hinky votes to blame on Winston and Brett, Steve will end up going home without a doubt this week. There is also a talk later on between Rachel, Angela, and Kaycee about trying to convince Kaitlyn to cast a sympathy vote for Sam.

The Next Target

Things are not looking good for Winston, Faysal, and Swaggy for the upcoming weeks. Everyone thinks that Brett and Rachel would be nicer people without Winston in the house. Rockstar said she would actually nom Winston and Brett if she won the next HOH. Swaggy and Faysal are rubbing people the wrong way. Most of Faysal’s issue is guilt by association. No one likes Swaggy, Faysal is his friend, he needs to go too. Swaggy is playing too hard, too early. If he would have gone into this house a little less “in your face” he might have made it pretty far in this game. I would be surprised if he survives next week.

Alliance Shifts

Tyler and JC are talking later on in the feeds and they think that Kaitlyn might be someone they can bring over to their side now that she is made at Faysal. Swaggy also slipped and mentioned a deal that he had with Winston, Brett, and Faysal. She is eventually able to find out that the four of them had a deal to keep each other safe. This could also play a part in her switching alliances.

Swaggy tries to play it off like it’s a fake deal and that he is still committed to getting Winston and Brett out, but she isn’t buying it. After this talk, she goes to Faysal and starts talking about how he dropped his commitment to their partnership (in the game) as soon as he got into a showmance and that she isn’t sure that she can trust him now. She later makes him “pinky promise” that she is still his number one ally in the house.

Other Talks

L6 talk about committing to voting Steve out no matter how close the vote might look before live voting starts. Tyler plans on working on Kaitlyn today to try and get her to come over to their alliance. They all plan on becoming more friendly to Kaitlyn to make it easier to switch sides. Later last night she actually went to him to tell him that her alliance is talking about her behind her back and that the only person she trusts in the house right now is Tyler.

Kaitlyn and Haleigh end up talking about the whole Faysal thing and Haleigh is able to clear up the whole “having sex” comment she made to Bayleigh. Haleigh also tells Kaitlyn that she likes Tyler more than she likes Faysal. While they are talking, Tyler and the rest of the L6 alliance are watching them talking and they are a little frustrated that they are getting along better now because they were hoping to use that as a selling tool for her to come to their alliance.

Things are still a little undecided as far as votes, but if things go the way they are going, then things look good for Sam. She might even be able to hold onto her power this week! We will find out in a couple days when the live eviction happens.

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