After last night’s episode of BB20, we kicked off the Big Brother 20 live feeds and got some interesting information out of the HGs! Prior to the feeds going live, we watched as the first HOH was crowned and they had to put two HGs up for eviction. So what has been going on in the house since the noms were set? Keep reading to find out!

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Recap Week 1 - Thursday

We found out which of the HGs got the punishment from the BB App Store, we found out that the fidget spinner room has been converted to the Have-Not room and there are HNs in place. Keep reading to get all the details of what we found out on last night’s live feeds right here! 

Ladies and gents, it now feels like Big Brother 20 has officially started! We have live feeds and you have a live feeds recap! Last night the live feeds kicked off and we found out a lot of good information! So, here we go!

Feeds went live at exactly 10 pm BBT and the HGs were all wondering if they were live. There is an HOH crew which consists of Tyler, Faysal, Angie, Haleigh, and Bayleigh.

BB App Store Punishment

Faysal was the least trending on social media after our vote and got a punishment called “Hamazon.” Every time there is an announcement that says “Hamazon Delivery” Faysal has to go to the DR, open the door and get a box that has been left outside it. The box literally has a plate of ham in it that he has to eat.


We got our first look at the HNs room which used to be the fidget spinner room. It now looks like a circuit board and there are hard, metal dishes inside for them to sleep on. The first look we got was while Winston and Brett were trying to make one of them comfortable enough to sleep on. It sounds like Brett, Winston, Kaitlyn, and Scottie are the HNs this week.

Possible Showmances

It looks like Tyler and Haleigh are getting pretty cozy together and Bayleigh and Chris were making out in the HOH room.

Other News

There has been a lot of talking between the HGs on who they think got the power from the BB App Store this week. So far we only know that Faysal got the “Crap App” as they are calling it.

The HGs were given alcohol last night and the HNs were not allowed to have any. Faysal got a little too drunk and got sick.

It seems like the house is pretty evenly divided. If the noms stay the same it really could be either of them going home. JC was trying to convince Tyler that if they do stay the same, they need to get Steve out first to make sure the alliances are even. They are all anxiously awaiting the POV comp and if one of the noms should win it sounds like Bayleigh would be the number one renom option because of her attachment to Chris.

Not much going on other than them trying to figure out who has the power this week and trying to figure out which of the current noms is a the target. We will have to wait and see what happens with the POV. No word on when that’s going to happen. It would usually happen tomorrow, but the week one schedule is a little funky. I will keep you posted!

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