Another day, another Big Brother 20 live feeds recap! Find out here what happened in the Big Brother 2018 house after the early morning argument and the HOH comp practice! If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers, make sure you get all caught up right here!

More talk on the feeds about who people are voting for on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday have made it look pretty good for one HG in particular. Make sure you keep reading to find out which way the votes are swaying on Big Brother 2018! 

Early Morning Argument

The HGs were up fairly early yesterday morning and the action started right away. Kaitlyn and Bayleigh were both in the lounge and they were arguing about the whole Faysal situation. They are going back and forth about how Bayleigh, Swaggy and the rest of the so-called alliance she was in with them had been talking behind her back. Apparently, Kaitlyn offended Swaggy with some things that she had done, but no one wanted to approach her about it because of how upset she was over the Faysal and Haleigh thing.

Bayleigh told her the other day that the group had “been talking about it for days,” and that’s what set off this argument because she had found out that they were talking about her. Kaitlyn was upset because Bayleigh told her that day that she should have a conversation with them, but that’s not what she told her. The argument fizzles down and turns into a talk about the day that Kaitlyn found Faysal and Haleigh in bed talking but thought something else was going on. Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh that she supports the showmances and Faysal and Haleigh being together is fine with her.

More Vote Talks

Tyler and Haleigh have a conversation about how JC wants to keep Sam in the house. Haleigh tells her that there aren’t enough votes and that keeping Steve is a better idea because then they also have Scottie on their side. Later in the feeds, we watched as JC lied to Angie and tells her that Winston is probably voting for Steve to stay so that means that Brett will also.

There was then a conversation between Rockstar and Swaggy where Rockstar tells him that Haleigh and her should throw hinky votes to save Sam and then blame Brett and Winston for it. Swaggy thinks it’s a great idea if they are sure that the vote is going to be a landslide to keep Steve. They discuss that if come vote time they are sure that everyone is going to vote to evict Sam then they can throw the two votes at her so Steve targets Winston and Brett. What they don’t know is that there are at least six votes to save Sam this week and if they throw two hinky votes to Sam, she will stay and Steve will be sent home.

Tyler has a conversation with Scottie about the votes and Scottie tells him that it looks like they have the votes to keep Steve this week, which means that word on the secret voting for Sam to stay has gotten out to the rest of the house.

HOH Practice

The feeds cut for three hours and when they come back we find out that the HGs got to practice for the upcoming HOH comp. Rockstar and Kaitlyn are talking in the storage room about how it went and they think that their side of the house did better.

Rocky Alliance

Kaitlyn joins Tyler in the HOH room and they are talking about how she is worried about what happens if she wins HOH next week and what she would do if she was good with all sides of the house. Tyler suggests that maybe she waits until later to win an HOH. They then talk about votes. They then talk about numbers and alliances and she tells him at this point JC would be her target because he is a floater in the house.

This talk turns into them talking about where the alliances would be if Steve or Sam stays. Tyler suggests that Sam staying might be better for them with numbers because the alliance would be bigger. He also tells Kaitlyn that he doesn’t want the house to think that they are just going to go with the majority of the house.

A little later in the conversation, Tyler asks Kaitlyn what if Sam has the power this week. She hadn’t considered that scenario and they talk about what the power could be. They talk about if something happens that forces a renom who would he renom, he tells her that he would still renom Bayleigh. She keeps telling him he should put Faysal up and everyone would vote him out.

Kaitlyn and Tyler are talking about what happened with the whole Faysal and Haleigh thing and the comment she made about it looking like they were having sex under the covers. She tells him that she talked to Haleigh and cleared the air and during that found out that Bayleigh and Swaggy were the ones who didn’t want them to make up.

More Drama

Faysal and Kaitlyn have a conversation that turns into an argument over their argument from the day before. This is going to be an ongoing thing even though she claims to not care that much about it. She even tells him not to flatter himself and that she doesn’t care. She is ticked off because he didn’t stick up for her, there was something about a bandana Haleigh was wearing that Kaitlyn thought might have been hers. I don’t know, this whole thing is very juvenile. Later, Swaggy joins the conversation and he tells her that their talks were never vicious in nature and they would never turn on her. He asks her to trust them again and not to switch sides. Tyler comes back into the room and the conversation ends.

Other Talks and Events

Sam-Bot is talking to Scottie and she tells him that she knows she doesn’t have his vote, but wanted him to know that she enjoys his company the most out of everyone in the house. She is wondering if everyone in the house has a ride or die but her and he tells her that he doesn’t think so. He tells her that him and Steve are the only obvious ride or die duo in the house.

Rachel and Angela appear to be pretty upset about something. Everyone in the house is wondering what’s going on with them because Angela has been crying. Haleigh tells Tyler she asked what was going on but she told her she was sick. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they had been talked to by production about some comments that they made on the feeds.

“The Bros”

I really hate that alliance name, but that’s what they are calling themselves. Apparently, they are thinking about keeping Steve over Sam this week. They think that Sam is a liability and a weak player. They are also worried that if they don’t vote Sam out this week then Scottie will be against them from here on out. They also discuss how they are happy the house thinks they are idiots because they will underestimate them.

Things are starting to look like Steve will be safe this week and Sam will be forced to use her power if she expects to stay in the house. However, a lot could change between now and tomorrow night’s live eviction.

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