Yesterday was Power of Veto Day in the Big Brother 20 house and all but two HGs got to compete. Make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to find out who the POV Players were and who pulled out the POV win this week in the Big Brother 20 house. Also, find out what the plan is for the POV Ceremony and who the target really is all right here!

Yesterday’s feeds started off with the Power of Veto Players being picked. When the feeds came back from that, we found out that Kaycee, Sam and JC were all picked to play. Brett was set to host and Angela was the only spectator this week. Tyler has a talk with Kaycee about how annoying it is that Brett and JC are regurgitating each other’s stories. JC goes up and tells them something and then Brett goes up to tell them the same thing. After that talks turn to Sam and how annoying her reactions to things are such as them all hanging out in the HOH room all the time.

Scottie talked to Haleigh about how him, Rockstar and Bayleigh discussed being able to control the winner of Big Brother 20 since they will have the majority vote in the house. They all had an agreement that they would all vote for the same person and Haleigh mentions liking Brett for the win (I don’t think that anyone else in their group will like that idea though, especially Rockstar).

There was a lot of lounging throughout the day waiting for the comp to start and throughout this L6 talked about how they are annoyed with JC because they suspect he is going to throw the comp and not even try. Angela says that she thinks JC throws everything, hence why he hasn’t won a comp yet. Kaycee wants JC on the block so he can see what it feels like to be there like everyone else.

Remember that conversation between Scottie and Haleigh about how the Jury agreed to vote the same way and control the winner? Haleigh told Angela and Tyler all about it. Which was probably a smart move on her part. She also tells them that he has more to tell her at another time. Tyler told her during this conversation that he doesn’t have an actual target this week.

Feeds go down and when they come back up about two hours later, Kaycee is wearing the POV! Haleigh is clearly upset that she didn’t win and couldn’t save herself, but Angela is telling her that she is going to be fine this week. A few minutes later, Haleigh is telling Brett how annoying it is that Sam isn’t even trying in these comps. She tells Brett that she plans to flip out on Sam later this week, but Brett talks her out of that. In this conversation she also tells Brett about how the Jury plans to control the winner.

Brett goes upstairs to talk to Tyler and they agree that Scottie needs to go this week and they are both equally upset about the bitter jury vote. They talk about how they have to get Haleigh out too, but Scottie needs to go this week. Tyler confirmed with JC later that Scottie is the target this week.

There are some chats between Tyler and Angela about the options this week. They talk about how if Haleigh stays she would probably go after Sam and then they talk about how Scottie wouldn’t go after Sam. Which means one of them would be in danger.

Angela has a chat with Scottie later about how she wished that the divide with the HGs would go away when they got to jury and mentions how everyone is taking this game so personally. Scottie tells Angela that it usually stays divided, even in the Jury. There was another chat between Brett and Haleigh about Sam and how she is always throwing comps, Haleigh also adds the rogue votes into the conversation.

While Haleigh won’t be targeted this week because everyone sees Scottie as the bigger threat, she won’t be making it much further in this game unless she wins the HOH next week. I also want to point out that there was beer and wine in the storage room last night and none of the HGs found it in there and they all went to bed somewhat early last night.

What do you think about the HGs targeting Scottie this week? Do you think that keeping Haleigh in the house one more week is a good idea? Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

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