Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds, we watched as Haleigh and Scottie worked at trying to find out if they were safe this week. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers! Also, make sure you come back later today for the POV Ceremony results and find out if either Haleigh or Scottie will be saved!

Yesterday’s live feeds started off pretty slow. There was a lot lounging and relaxing to start the day. Haleigh has a conversation with Angela about how frustrated she is. She says that she has lost her motivation and Scottie is working so hard to stay in the house this week. Angela tells Haleigh that sometimes doing too much has the opposite affect on people.

Scottie and JC also had a conversation. Scottie knows that JC was the one who was in Fessy’s ear the week Scottie got evicted and they are talking about how Scottie isn’t sure he is no the target this week. The talks turn to how Fessy hid in the HN room the entire week he was on the block. Scottie mentions to JC that he isn’t sure what happened the week Fessy was HOH, but Fessy came out and apologized to Scottie at the Battle Back. Scottie also tells JC that he was the vote to keep Rockstar because he promised Fessy and Haleigh he wouldn’t vote to evict her.

There was a lot of small talk between the HGs. Apparently Sam thought that Brett was mad at her, but he assured her he wasn’t. Angela and Haleigh were talking about how Sam is annoying and doesn’t do anything game related. Haleigh doesn’t understand why Sam is still there and Angela agreed with her. Kaycee asked Tyler if anyone else has approached him about a F2 but he lies to her and tells her no. She thinks that Brett and JC might be a F2. Tyler also praises Kaycee on how well she is handling things. Mentions that Angela isn’t good at hiding her emotions, but Kaycee is.

Haleigh and Tyler have a talk later in the evening. She is worried that she is the target this week, but Tyler promises her that’s not the case. She doesn’t really trust that is the truth though. She asked him again if she has to worry and he tells her that she doesn’t. She mentioned that Brett and JC also told her that she isn’t the target this week, but Angela and Kaycee haven’t been. Tyler asks her who she would target if she won HOH next week and she tells him she would go after Sam. Tyler tells her that he doesn’t think Kaycee is going to use the Veto this week. After his conversation with Haleigh, he mentions to Angela that Haleigh is worried and needs to be reassured that she is safe.

Scottie, Sam and JC have been told that they are HNs this week because they were the first three people to fall from the HOH comp. Brett is telling Scottie that he thinks JC is going to be a mess after this week of HNs and that production probably did it on purpose to get back at JC for being so awful. They continue to talk about the season so far and how there were a lot of deals being made. They talk about Haleigh’s specifically and Scottie tells Brett that Haleigh has F2 deals with Fessy, Scottie, Rockstar and Bayleigh and those are just the four he has confirmed. Brett asks Scottie who the Jury hates right now and he tells him Angela would be first and it’s a toss up between Tyler and Brett after Angela.

Tyler and Angela are upstairs cuddling and wondering if any of the other HGs know about them. When JC comes upstairs, Angela moves to the couch quickly. Tyler also asked Angela if she had a chance to talk to Haleigh yet. He tells her that Haleigh has been looking to him for reassurances but has told her that he doesn’t vote and there is no tie breaker this week.

Meanwhile, Scottie and Haleigh are talking about how the Hive is going to control the jury this season. He tells her that once him and Haleigh are both in Jury they will have five out of the nine jury members. During this conversation, he mentions to Haleigh that he was told he was a pawn this week. When Haleigh has the chance, she goes to talk to Kaycee about Scottie telling her he was a pawn. Kaycee reassures Haleigh that she is safe this week and that Scottie doesn’t know what’s going on.

JC and Brett are talking about Angela and Tyler and how they are always spending time in the HOH room together. He tells Brett that he has to start working on that problem. Meanwhile, Angela are Tyler are in the HOH wondering if their showmance is going to ruin their alliance. Last night after the lights went off, Tyler and Angela were cuddling and kissed. It seems like his showmance might be starting to get in the way of his game especially when it comes to his fellow alliance members. JC and Brett seem to be working closer together lately, but Brett has gone back to Tyler with some of JC’s concerns in the past. I guess we will see what happens there. I think that JC is really the only one not trusting Tyler judgement when it comes to his relationship with Angela.

Make sure you come back later today for the results of this week’s POV ceremony. This should put the nail in Scottie or Haleigh’s BB coffin this week. Looks like as of right now they are looking to take Scottie out this week, but who knows what will happen on Thursday. There is still plenty of time for that to change.

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