Yesterday was nomination day in the Big Brother 20 house and feeds started a little later than normal with them going down right before the HGs 8 am wake-up call. The feeds were down for almost six hours and when they came back up, we slowly started getting details about what happened. Keep reading out Big Brother 20 live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday!

When the feeds came back up around 2 pm BBT, it kind of looked like nothing happened in the house. About an hour after they came back up, Tyler and Sam were having a conversation about who came to visit them and how Victor and Nicole from BB18 got engaged! There were past HGs including Josh Martinez, Derrick Levasseur, Paul Abrahamian and many more. Aside from the engagement and celebration, there were some other things that went down while the feeds ran loops. According to Vegas, our Twitter Leaker, the HGs had a meeting with production to discuss some things. They were all reminding of the rules of the house, they talked about Scottie’s eviction speech and they were warned that if any of them pull a stunt like Scottie did that they will be penalized for it. There was also a brief HOH lockdown so that the oven could be fixed.

Kaycee and Haleigh had a talk when the feeds came back also. Haleigh made a pitch to Kaycee, but Kaycee tells her that she is going up this week. She tells Haleigh that she doesn’t have a target. Haleigh tells Kaycee that she is committed to winning the POV this week. Kaycee told Tyler that she told Sam about the nomination plans and then mentions how important it is to win the POV this week and keep the noms the same. After that, Tyler makes it a point to promise Sam that she doesn’t have anything to worry about this week.

Brett and JC talk about how important it is to win the POV this week because if either nom wins the POV it could be one of them going up. JC tells Brett that they would have the votes over the original nom.

Later there is another conversation between Kaycee and Tyler where they are talking about JC and Brett. Tyler tells Kaycee that Brett and JC have both been coming to him about the other and it’s frustrating. Tyler then wonders if Brett and JC are trying to form a separate alliance with Sam and Haleigh. Kaycee thinks that Brett is with them solidly.

JC has a serious problem with Tyler and Angela hanging out together. He has been freaking out about this for a couple weeks now and using this as his reasoning to get Angela out sooner rather than later. Brett goes up to Kaycee a little later last night and tells her that JC is completely losing it and Kaycee confirms that if one of the noms come down this week, JC will be the renom choice. They also discuss that they want Haleigh, then Sam and then JC out. Brett tells her that he thinks this week will be the DE and that it will be just L6 and JC left in the house. They talk about Jury and how the other side of the house has the numbers there. Brett is convinced that they are all fighting over there too, he has mentioned that a few times in the last few days.

POV Players will be picked later today and all but one HG will be competing this week. We will then get the results of the POV Comp a little later tonight. Stay tuned for all the POV Comp spoilers throughout the day!

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