Haleigh was campaigning to the other HGs in the Big Brother 20 house. There were also some interesting conversations going on including one within L6 about turning on one of their allies. Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap to get all the details and Big Brother spoilers from yesterday right here!

Yesterday’s feeds started off a little slow, but by the early afternoon, there were some interesting conversations going on! First, Angela went to Sam to ease her mind a little and promised Sam would be safe this week. Sam appreciated that Angela helped her feel better about being on the block this week. Brett tells JC according to Haleigh, Tyler and Angela seemed to be getting pretty intimate the night before.

Haleigh went to Angela to try and convince her to vote Sam out over her. She tells Angela that Sam is unpredictable and that she would be a better ally to her than Sam would. Angela tells her that Sam didn’t put her and Kaycee up and that when it comes to Haleigh, Tyler might be worried that Haleigh would target he and Angela. She adds that she doesn’t’ think that she can dissuade Tyler about this feeling.

In separate conversations, Angela lets Kaycee and Brett now know that Haleigh tried to campaign to her. She told Kaycee she would let her know more about it later and tells Brett that she was able to deflect by telling Haleigh that she was waiting to hear from Kaycee what the plan was. She also told Brett about her conversation with Sam earlier that day where she reassured Sam that she was safe this week.

Angela and Kaycee are really starting to worry that JC is up to something. Angela also mentions how JC is trying to make them all fat and wonders what that’s all about. Meanwhile, there is a conversation between Brett and Tyler about what they are going to do if this week is a DE. Brett talks about how the girls (Angela and Kaycee) have been really loyal to them, but that it would be easier to beat Sam or JC in the later comps. He talks about how if they turn on them they have a greater chance of making it to the end, but with them, they are at least in the F4. Brett also mentions that if they target them, they run the risk of Kaycee and Angela being bitter jurors.

Brett mentions how Kaycee finished this week’s POV comp in just two minutes and Tyler says that he thought he was fast, but he didn’t even come close to Kaycee. Brett tells him that should be something they think about. Brett asks Tyler if it’s a DE, what’s the plan? Tyler says that he thinks he already knows who has to go. Brett confirms that he is talking about Angela and Tyler agrees. Brett says that if they get rid of Angela, they have Sam who is easier to beat. They also mention how whoever gets Angela out is going to make the jury really happy. They agree not to talk about this again until they find out who wins on Thursday.

Later, there is a meeting with all the L6 members where they agree that Sam needs to be the next to go. While this is going on, Haleigh is wondering to JC why everyone but Sam is in the HOH. Haleigh thinks that they could be plotting something together, but JC shoots it down. Later, in order to make Haleigh feel comfortable, Kaycee tells Haleigh that in the event of a tie, she will keep Haleigh. She then tells Brett that she lied to Haleigh about keeping her, just in case Haleigh mentions it to him. She doesn’t want him thinking that Kaycee is flipping on L6.

There was one final conversation before the HGs went to bed that I want to talk about. There was a conversation between Tyler and Kaycee where Tyler tells Kaycee that Sam and JC want Angela out and Brett agrees that might be the better move. Kaycee is not happy about this. Tyler says they have to make sure that Angela wins the HOH to keep her safe.

After this, Kaycee and Tyler start talking about how maybe they should take a shot at Brett before he takes one at them. Tyler tells her that it would be easier to play against Sam or JC in F4. Kaycee wonders if they should take a shot at Brett in the DE and Tyler agrees this could work. They also talk about the possibility of Brett winning HOH and nominating Angela and Kaycee. They talk about gunning it for POV and saving one of them and then voting out whoever Brett should renom. They agreed that if things don’t go to plan, Angela would be the one that would go. Before heading to bed, they confirm the plan is to go after Brett sooner rather than later.

This has the potential to be an interesting DE! Do you think that Kaycee and Tyler’s plan to take a shot at Brett is smart? Make sure you come back later today for the results of our weekly favorite HG poll and then tonight is an all-new episode of Big Brother!

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