It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 20 house and now that we are at F5, all the HGs participated! If you missed the Power of Veto results from yesterday you can find them right here! In the meantime, keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap right here to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday!

Yesterday before the POV, Tyler had a conversation with JC. JC still thinks that Tyler is working with him and they are chatting about trying to get Angela to agree to a plan where they use the POV and then renom Kaycee. Tyler reassures JC that their final two is still intact. JC says to Tyler that they can do Amazing Race after this even though he is still upset with Tyler for nominating him during his Double Eviction HOH. Tyler apologizes again to him for doing that.

After this conversation, Tyler goes to Kaycee with the details of this conversation. Tyler tells Kaycee that JC expects to be Tyler’s F2 and Kaycee mentions that Angela probably expects the same thing from both Tyler and Kaycee. It sounds like they are still taking each other to F2 if they win, which would not be a good move by Tyler at all.

There were some light conversations between the HGs. Angela and Tyler are talking about life in Hilton Head and wondering if they were ever in the same place at the same time. A lot of lounging throughout the day, it’s at that point where the feeds get really boring to watch.

Feeds go down around 2:40 pm BBT for the Veto Comp and when they come back up. Kaycee is wearing the POV medallion. L6 is talking about how between the three of them they have 10 consecutive comp wins, Kaycee also told Tyler that in the beginning, she wasn’t trying to win anything. She is clearly trying to win now. She also mentions that her and her dad used to watch the show together all the time and that’s why she wanted to be on it.

Sam continues to isolate herself from the group and everyone has noticed. Angela told Tyler that it doesn’t matter how weird she is acting because she is gone this week. So it looks like the plan is still to get rid of Sam, even though Tyler has a feeling that JC is mad enough to nominate him or Angela if he should win the next HOH. Considering JC hasn’t won a single competition this season, I’m not sure Tyler will have anything to worry about.

There are many things that Kaycee could do with her POV win, but she won’t. It looks like Sam will be evicted Tuesday night and then unless JC pulls off a miracle HOH win, he will be gone on Thursday. Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of Big Brother 20 which will include the HOH comp, the performance by Bebe Rexha and then nominations!

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