It was another quiet day on the feeds as we get closer to the Big Brother 20 finale, but there were some conversations worth mentioning. Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap to get all the details of what happened inside the house. If you have missed out on any of the action in the house, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! 

One of the first conversations I want to point out is one between Tyler and JC in the storage room. JC is still pushing the idea to split up Kaycee and Angela. JC tells Tyler the only reason Tyler has been safe all season is because he has been listening to JC’s advice and following his plans. JC is upset with Tyler for not being more grateful. JC is questioning who Tyler would nominate if he won the next HOH and Tyler tells him it doesn’t matter because it’s all about who wins the veto, but JC disagrees. JC is really upset about this whole situation and doesn’t trust Tyler much at this point.

Tyler goes up to the HOH room to tell Angela and Kaycee that JC is upset with him. Kaycee mentions that she doesn’t think that JC has any idea that the three of them are working together. They also think that Sam is a stronger player than JC and that’s why she needs to go home. They also decided as a group that after the HOH and POV are over next week, they are going to tell JC about their alliance.

Later on, Sam asks Kaycee if she can talk to her in the HN room. Sam wants to know if Kaycee is going to use the POV this week. She tells Sam she hasn’t used a Veto up to this point and it just gets blood on her hands if she does. She doesn’t want to shake up the house at this point in the game, as much as she loves Sam and JC. Kaycee also tells Sam that this is an uncomfortable situation for her because she cares about Sam and JC.

JC and Tyler have another conversation later and JC tells Tyler that he is paranoid after all the things that the DR is asking him. Tyler tells him he is too, but when JC asks him why he is worried, Tyler tells him that they aren’t allowed to talk about that with the other HGs. Tyler is trying to convince JC that he is in the same situation as JC is, but JC tells him that they both know that isn’t true.

Sam continued to isolate herself in the HN room while the other HGs were having a good time making ice cream and having whipped cream fights in the kitchen. It sounds like to me, she knows where she stands with the other HGs or she thinks that Tyler will have her back. As of right now, there is no change in the eviction plan for this week, Sam will be evicted tomorrow night and unless JC can win at least the POV, he will be following her on Thursday. We are getting down to the wire ladies and gents. Make sure you come back later for Power of Veto Ceremony spoilers where we will confirm that Kaycee doesn’t use it.

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