It is week 12 in the Big Brother 20 house and we now have our F5! Things aren’t going to deviate too much from the plan the HGs have been putting in place the last week or so, but we have a special eviction episode on Wednesday along with our regular eviction on Thursday so things could get interesting fast! If you missed who won HOH for week 12, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! 

When the feeds returned after Double Eviction on Big Brother 20, we saw that Angela was wearing the HOH key! The HGs all sit around the table and have dinner together and then the conversations started. JC talked with Kaycee and Kaycee was asking if Brett was trying to pit Sam against Angela and JC claims he wasn’t sure what Brett was doing and says that Brett didn’t tell him everything, just made implications.

Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela are celebrating getting Brett out of the house and talk about how everything is going to plan. Angela congratulates Tyler and Kaycee on making F4. This obviously means that Sam and JC are going to be the nominees this week with one of them being the target. They are talking about how happy they are about being able to get Brett out before he took a shot at them and Tyler mentions that they are recording their GBM for him.

Angela goes over what she is going to say to Sam and JC during the nomination ceremony. She mentions telling them that none of them can win if they are sitting next to Sam or JC in F2. Later, JC and Tyler are talking and JC is upset. He knows he is going on the block next to Sam and he is doesn’t like it. Tyler tries to reassure him that he isn’t going anywhere this week, but JC tells Tyler that it hurt him that Tyler nominated him during the DE.

Angela got her HOH room and told everyone she was too tired to do one on ones. Tyler also got his HOH basket from the DE HOH win. The HGs hung out and relaxed together for a bit, minus Sam of course and then they all headed to bed.

It looks like Sam will be the next one to see the Jury House unless she can pull off a big POV win. With Wednesday being a special eviction episode, I’m expecting feeds to go down sometime Tuesday for them to tape it and remain down until after the live eviction show on Thursday. We shall see what happens throughout the week.

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