Yesterday was Veto Meeting day in the Big Brother 20 house and now we have the two nominees racing around trying to lock in their seven votes for this week. Who will get the seven votes and be safe from eviction this week? Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to see which nominee has the best chance of staying!

The Big Brother 20 live feeds started off with Bayleigh asking Haleigh and Rockstar how it made sense for Tyler to use the Veto to take down Scottie and put up Angela if Tyler is on that side of the house. She was starting to catch on that there was something shady going on. If you missed the outcome of the Veto Meeting, you can get the details right here!

The HGs lounged and worked out until the feeds went down for the Veto Meeting. When the feeds came back up, Swaggy, Fessy, and Bayleigh were in the HN room talking. Fessy was angry about what Kaitlyn did because she was dropping hints and he didn’t catch onto them. He tells Swaggy that he is “done” with Kaitlyn. Swaggy is trying really hard not to lose his cool and stay calm, they start talking about where they can get the votes to save Swaggy this week.

Meanwhile, Tyler, Haleigh and JC are in the HOH room comforting Kaitlyn because she feels terrible that she had to put Swaggy up. She wanted Swaggy out for the things that he was saying about her and this was her opportunity to do it. She kept reminding herself that and so did the rest of her new alliance. Brett, Rachel and the others started to come in and check on Kaitlyn and the same conversations repeated themselves.

When she calms down a bit, Bayleigh goes up to the HOH to talk to Kaitlyn about her putting Swaggy up. Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh that Swaggy had said some really nasty things about Kaitlyn. Calling her a liability to their game and saying she was the lowest on the totem pole in their alliance. She told Bayleigh that because he felt that way about her, she needed to get him out before he turned around and took her out.

Bayleigh tells her that she isn’t upset with Kaitlyn, she was just blindsided along with Swaggy. She tells Kaitlyn that it breaks her heart because Swaggy is the only person she has in the house. (If she socialized with the others rather than spending all her time with Swaggy, she would have more people in the house, just my two cents.) Bayleigh continues to tell Kaitlyn that Kaitlyn has all these people on her side, but when Swaggy leaves she won’t have anyone. Kaitlyn tells her that when Swaggy is evicted, it gives people a chance to find new alliances. Kaitlyn reminds her that Swaggy drew that line week one and now they can all step back and align with new people now that they have all gotten a chance to get to know each other a bit. When Bayleigh gets up to leave the HOH, she asks Kaitlyn for a hug.

Haleigh goes to talk to Swaggy and tells him that Kaitlyn heard he was saying all these things about her and that’s why she put him up. He tells her that he still has until Thursday to convince people that he should stay. Rockstar tells Swaggy that Tyler was the one that got into Kaitlyn’s ear and that Tyler must be the one that wants him out. She tells Swaggy that he lessens Tyler’s chances of winning this game. She says that Tyler is smart and needs to go. Rockstar brought up that Kaitlyn said Swaggy bullied her, he said he never bullied her, but she was worried about who he would put up if he won the next HOH.

A little later on in the day, Swaggy goes to talk to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn explained to him that she had heard that he was calling her a liability and that she was a low priority member of their alliance. Swaggy tells her that the split in the group came from the Fessy, Haleigh and Kaitlyn triangle and she is shocked that anyone thought she had feelings for Fessy. He pulled Tyler in the room because he wanted to tell them both that he promised on his deceased father that he never said she was a liability or she was low man on the totem pole, but he did admit to saying that he was the leader of the alliance. He also promised on his father that he wouldn’t go after them if he stayed. Kaitlyn tells Swaggy that she will cut him a check for $5k for what she did to him.

After that conversation, Kaitlyn is really leaning towards getting Winston out instead of Swaggy. The remainder of the night consisted of conversations with Kaitlyn and Fessy where Kaitlyn blamed Tyler for this week’s outcome. Fessy told her that this move will earn her the next Power App. Kaitlyn also told Fessy what she knows about Sam’s power and suggests maybe Sam would use it to save her if she needed her to. Fessy is worried that once Swaggy is out, he is the next target and Kaitlyn tells him that there are others that need to go first.

There is then a conversation with Swaggy and Tyler where Tyler won’t promise to keep Swaggy. Tyler tells him that his relationship with Rockstar is what’s holding him back from keeping Swaggy because Tyler doesn’t trust her. Swaggy has a few heart to hearts throughout the night trying to get people to vote to keep him. Fessy and Tyler talked about what happened. Fessy tells him that he is not mad at Tyler, but he wants the house to continue to think he is. They bond over their mutual friends in the house like Haleigh, Sam and Kaitlyn.

Swaggy is working hard to stay in the house this week and Kaitlyn is starting to really feel bad for putting him up. Tyler is dead set on voting Swaggy out this week, but will Swaggy be able to convince more people to keep him around? We will have to see come this week’s live eviction, but I expect that there is going to be a lot of back and forth this week like there was last week. I’ll keep you all posted with new information!

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