Yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds, there was a lot of lounging by the pools as word started to circulate that Kaitlyn was planning on BD’ing one of the members of her original alliance. Some are willing to accept the move, but others might not be so happy with Kaitlyn’s decision.

There is a very short list of HGs that are not going to support this move by Kaitlyn, but that isn’t stopping one of the nominees from being really nervous about staying on the block this week. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s feeds!

Feeds went down first thing yesterday morning for the HNs selection for the week. The HNs this week are JC, Fessy, Rockstar and Haleigh. The feeds went down numberous times throughout the day yesterday for Rachel’s punishment. Most of the day was the HGs just hanging out and chatting. Later is when things start to get interesting!

Kaitlyn has a conversation with Haleigh and tells her that she is going to be making a big move this week. Haleigh tells her that she is going to act surprised when she does it. Later, Bayleigh asks Haleigh what’s going to happen at the Veto Meeting. She lies to her and tells her Angela will most likely go up in Scottie’s place. Haleigh can’t help but tell Rockstar the plan to BD Swaggy though and Rockstar is shocked. Haleigh makes Rockstar promise not to say anything. She tells Rockstar later that she is going to act shocked when it happens and keep telling everyone Angela is the renom.

Winston is feeling really nervous about this week and him and Brett try to come up with a way to keep Scottie on the block instead. Winston thinks that either Scottie or Swaggy have the power because of how cocky they are both acting. Swaggy is always cocky though. Meanwhile, Angie is having a conversation with Fessy about how nervous she is about this week. Later on, Kaitlyn tells Rachel that Haleigh found out about the plan to BD Swaggy.

Last night, Haleigh tried to talk to Kaitlyn about her plan to BD Swaggy. Kailyn is telling her that she is putting him up because he made this about game really early on. She told Haleigh about how Swaggy would talk about her to Tyler and then Tyler would tell her everything he was saying. She tells Haleigh that Tyler is the reason she was able to see what Swaggy was doing.

Kaitlyn also tells Haleigh that Tyler and his alliance have her back. She tells Haleigh that now that they know each other more, they can make better decisions as to who they align with. She tells Haleigh that the last person she wants to align with is someone who thinks she is a liability.

The rest of the night consisted of Bayleigh, Swaggy, Fessy and Scottie talking game. They are talking about how they think that Angela will be the renom if the Veto is used. Later, Swaggy and Bayleigh talk about how soon is too soon to go after Tyler. Swaggy tells Bayleigh that Tyler will save him if he needed it, but Brett won’t . Swaggy tells Bayleigh he hopes that he won’t hit the block until weeks 8 or 10, but hopes to escape it all season.

Swaggy also tells Bayleigh that he wants to try and get Winston to lose it while he’s on the block. Mentions hiding this things from him to make him crazy. Bayleigh tells Swaggy that she wants Winston out over Angela but will wait to find out who Kaitlyn prefers. Bayleigh tells Swaggy she is certain that Kaitlyn isn’t going to make a move against Swaggy and he tells her that he is avoiding talking to her again before the Veto Meeting.

The Veto Meeting will happen some time today on the live feeds which is going to make for an interesting night for backlash! You are not going to want to miss that so make sure you come back tomorrow morning for my Big Brother live feeds recap!

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