Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds, Swaggy thinks there might be hope that Kaitlyn’s plan to BD him will fail as some of the HGs tell him they still aren’t sure how they will vote. We have had stranger things happen in the Big Brother house. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother 20 house, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

The Big Brother live feeds started off kind of slow with all the HGs just lounging around and talking. Sam tells Winston, Angela and Kaycee about her talk with Swaggy and how it was nice to see the real Swaggy. She tells them how she told him that if this is the last few days in this house then he should focus on letting everyone get to know the real Swaggy. Keep reading to find out what else was talked about in the Big Brother house!

The conversation then turns to Winston mentioning how he couldn’t believe that JC got away with not sleeping in the HN room and the feeds cut. When they come back up, Rachel tells Winston that the group likes him better when Brett isn’t around. Rachel is telling him that she misses “sweet Winston” and isn’t a huge fan of “Bro Winston” and he tells her that it’s funny. He does mention that he needs to be less of a jerk. Sam mentions that she doesn’t know “sweet Winston” because she was a robot for the second day. Brett comes out and Winston tells him that they don’t like the Bros and they are trying to split them up. They continue talking about how Winston is different when Brett is around.

Later on, Tyler has a conversation with Rockstar to talk things out a bit. Rockstar apologizes to Tyler for making assumptions about him. They discuss how crazy things have been in the house. She tells him that Kaitlyn told her that everything that is said to Tyler gets back to her (Kaitlyn) and Tyler tells her that Kaitlyn was just assuming that everyone was talking about her.

Sam and Tyler have a conversation later on in the feeds and Sam is telling Tyler about her conversation with Swaggy. She told Tyler how she told Swaggy that he should have let people meet the real Swaggy instead of the Swaggy that he gave them. Tyler then asked Sam about her conversation with Kaitlyn. Sam tells him that she offered Kaitlyn some advice about Swaggy. She tells him that she told Kaitlyn that out of Winston and Swaggy, Swaggy might be the easier person to work with and there might not be another opportunity to get rid of Winston. Tyler is just listening. Tyler tells Sam that Kaitlyn doesn’t think that Swaggy will target them if he stays, but Tyler is more worried about Swaggy’s group, not so much Swaggy.

Kaitlyn joins the conversation and Sam asks her if she still feels the same about Swaggy and she tells Sam that she hasn’t really allowed herself to think about it. She adds that Sam does bring up a valid point about keeping Swaggy. Sam tells them that regardless, she isn’t looking to rock the boat last second or anything. She will vote whatever way they tell her to, she was just offering her honest opinion based on the conversation she had with Swaggy. Tyler pretends that he is still up in the air with his vote, but we all know that he is the only one that is 100% sure that he is voting Swaggy out.

JC asks Tyler later on if he is falling in love with Kaitlyn and Tyler tells him no. JC tells him that people are starting to ask JC and it’s starting to look like he is. Tyler tells him that he sees Kaitlyn as a sister and he doesn’t do anything to initiate Kaitlyn being so close to him. JC also tells Tyler that he thinks that Fessy might try and target Tyler and Kaitlyn despite him trying to appear to be on their side. Tyler doesn’t think that Fessy is going over Kaitlyn, but he thinks that he is pretty high on Fessy’s list of people to target.

There was an interesting conversation with Kaitlyn and Haleigh later in the feeds. They are talking about how Haleigh is upset that Tyler didn’t come to her about the flip vote last week. Kaitlyn tells her that she thinks he came to her because of how upset she was with their alliance (BINGO!). There was also a point where Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she let Swaggy and Bayleigh have sex in her shower. She also tells Haleigh that she has no intentions of working with L6 even though they trust her. Haleigh and Kaitlyn talk about if Rockstar would be an easy target since she has been so against BD’ing Swaggy. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she can protect her from some of the L6 members. Haleigh thinks that Fessy will be safe from Rachel because she thinks that Rachel like him.

There were some talks in the house about Tyler and Kaitlyn. Tyler is a little worried about Kaitlyn’s attachment to him and is trying to come up with ways to remind her that she has a boyfriend back home. Swaggy is continuing to work on getting votes from all the HG in the house. He talked to Tyler and promised that he will not go after Tyler or Kaitlyn, Tyler tells him that it’s not Swaggy he is worried about, it’s Rockstar.

Swaggy talks to Kaycee and tells her that he won’t go after anyone on her side, but instead, he would go after people from his side that were supposed to be helping him but lied. Kaycee tells him that she will think about it but doesn’t promise him anything. Winston decided late last night that he was going to start campaigning today just in case there is a twist in the votes. Swaggy has been working hard to make that happen. We ended the feeds with Haleigh contemplating BD’ing Kaitlyn if she wins HOH next week.

Things could get interesting in the house, but so far it looks like the plan is still to evict Swaggy. Remember tonight there is a brand new episode of Big Brother on at a special time 8/7c. Make sure you vote in my Favorite HG Poll and stay tuned for those results a little later today!

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