As we expected, things have been a little back and forth in Kaitlyn’s head on Big Brother 20. One day she wants Swaggy to stay and the next day she wants him to go. Find out how Kaitlyn felt on the Big Brother 20 live feeds on Wednesday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

It was eviction eve on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday and Swaggy isn’t going down without a fight. He is rallying for votes and if he can convince just a couple more people that he is the right person to keep, we might be in for another blindside tonight! If you have missed any of this week’s Big Brother spoilers, make sure you get all caught up before tonight’s live eviction!

The first real conversation from yesterday’s feeds that I want to point out was between Kaitlyn and Rockstar. Kaitlyn is telling Rockstar that she couldn’t see herself not trying to take out Swaggy because of the things he was saying. She was nervous that if she didn’t take him out, he would take her out later. Kaitlyn is telling Rockstar that she doesn’t know what she would do in the case of a tie. Rockstar is telling Kaitlyn that she thinks it really weird that if Winston, Brett, Kaycee and Rachel aren’t in an alliance, why would they be talking game first thing in the morning.

The conversation goes back to how Kaitlyn doesn’t know what she would do if the votes came back to a tie. Rockstar reminds Kaitlyn that Swaggy has voiced in a bunch of different ways that he wouldn’t put Kaitlyn up if he stays here. Rockstar thinks that they should wait until Jury to evict him. Rockstar also tells Kaitlyn that she told Swaggy that there are certain people he should talk to today and explain to them why he would be good for their game and stick by his word if he stays.

Kaitlyn continues to do one on ones with everyone to see where their head is at. The next person she talks to is Winston. She wants him to clear up what she heard he said about her. He tells her he never said he would target her if he won HOH and tells her whoever said that made it up. She tells him that even if that wasn’t true, he and Brett told Scottie that she was going to target him, but Winston denies that they told him that. She tells him that’s what Scottie told her.

Winston tells her that his target right now is Scottie. Brett was called in on this conversation and of course he denied it, why wouldn’t he? Kaitlyn tells them that she needs to warn Tyler not to trust Scottie. Winston tells her that Scottie is playing a good social game, but he is a snake and can’t be trusted.

Later there are conversations between Swaggy, Scottie and Tyler about votes, he tells them that he has five votes. Bayleigh, Scottie, Fessy, Rockstar and Haleigh (Haleigh will vote whatever way Kaitlyn tells her to though). He says that if he can get Tyler’s vote and force a tie then he has a good chance of staying. He is pretty convinced that he can get another vote out of Tyler (not going to happen), Sam or JC. Tyler tells Swaggy that he wants to have one on ones with Rockstar and Haleigh, but he doesn’t trust Rockstar. Swaggy tells him not to worry about her because he will keep Tyler safe with her if he stays. Tyler still won’t give him a straight answer.

When Swaggy leaves the room, Scottie tells Tyler that he legitimately wants to keep Swaggy and tells him that if Swaggy leaves, Tyler could become the next target. He also tells him that if Winston leaves, Brett’s shield is gone and that neither of them should want Winston to be there. Tyler has no intentions of switching his vote.

Later there is a conversation between Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn is telling Tyler about all the lies Scottie told and that she can’t trust him and she is really annoyed with him. She also tells Tyler that she really wants Swaggy to stay this week. She knows that Tyler won’t vote to keep Swaggy, but she could get Sam or JC to vote to keep him. Tyler tells her that if they go back on this now, it could look bad for them with the other side and then they will have both sides after them. Kaitlyn then tells Tyler that she is really upset with him that he won’t let her be HOH.

There was another conversation with Kaitlyn and Fessy later on about how she is frustrated with Rockstar. Rockstar made a comment earlier about Kaitlyn’s behavior with the boys and how it could have a negative impact on Kaitlyn’s relationship with her boyfriend. She also said to Kaitlyn that if she acted that way in the house, she wouldn’t have a house to go back to. Kaitlyn then hopes that her boyfriend doesn’t take her actions in the house the wrong way.

Haleigh has told Winston that he has her vote. Haleigh and Kaitlyn have a conversation later about how they need to separate from Rockstar because she lacks a social game and doesn’t care to change that. There was also another conversation between Kaitlyn and Bayleigh last night. Kaitlyn brings up the trash talking that Swaggy was doing and Bayleigh said that isn’t a fair reason to go after him because everyone walk talking about her. Bayleigh tells her they were going to wait until Kaitlyn wasn’t HOH anymore to talk about the issues they have with her. They really didn’t get anywhere with this conversation because they are both annoyed with each other at this point.

After this, Kaitlyn goes up to the HOH, kicks everyone out and starts flipping out. She thinks, based on her conversation with Bayleigh, that everyone has been trashing her. Her the only people left in the room are Fessy, Brett and JC. She asks them if there is anything they have to say to her. Brett tells her that Bayleigh is going to say anything she can to get to her. Kaitlyn says that it doesn’t help her game at all, Brett tells her “no, but it starts issues.” She then gets upset for kicking everyone out and reacting that way. They all leave so she can meditate.

The rest of the night is Swaggy trying to rally votes, spending time with Bayleigh and then we ended the night with Swaggy and Fessy talking about how he is disappointed that he is leaving. He is talking about how Wednesday’s episode was the one where he got backdoored and his family is probably worried about how he is doing. It sounds like he has come to terms with his fate, but still hoping for a miracle. That’s what he is going to need if he has any hopes of staying in the house.

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