Last night on Big Brother 20, we watched as another HG was evicted from the BB20 house and another HG was named HOH! If you missed last night’s episode you can get all the details of the live eviction and HOH comp right here! Keep reading to find out what happened on the Big Brother live feeds after the live eviction and HOH comp!

Last night on Big Brother we watched as one of the HGs flipped their vote, keep reading to find out what the other HGs thought about this move when they figured out who it was. Also, Scottie wants to even out the sides with his nominations, who will be put up on the block this week? Make sure you keep up with all the action this week with our Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds came back up at 7 pm BBT and Tyler, JC, and Kaitlyn are all talking about if they think Scottie flipped his vote. Meanwhile, Haleigh is telling Rockstar that she is worried Scottie is looking to frame her with this flip vote. After this, Winston hugs Haleigh and thanks her for voting to keep him, even though she didn’t, but she hugs him and accepts his thanks. Brett tells Angela that Tyler got Scottie to flip his vote.

A little later, Fessy and Rockstar are chatting and they are trying to figure out who flipped their vote. Rockstar is telling him that she thinks that it was Scottie this week and last week, but Fessy tells her he knows it wasn’t Scottie last week (Kaitlyn admitted to him that it was her). Fessy thinks that it was Haleigh because she told them earlier that if the votes weren’t there she was going to vote with the house. When Fessy asks Haleigh, she swears up and down that it wasn’t her that flipped and that she voted to evict Winston.

Scottie tells Tyler about his plan for this week. He tells Tyler that the 8-4 vote was too lopsided and he plans on making the sides more even. Scottie also tells him that he voted to evict Swaggy and Tyler tells him he is savage for doing that while wearing a Swaggy C shirt. After this conversation, Tyler tells JC that Scottie wants to even out the sides, but they both need to make sure they suggest that Scottie targets Rockstar this week. Tyler also tells him that they have to make sure that he doesn’t go after Brett and Winston this week. It has to be Rockstar and Rachel or Rockstar and Angela.

Rockstar is talking to Bayleigh and tells her that she thinks it was Scottie that flipped, not Haleigh. Rockstar tells her that even though they are onto Scottie, they have to act like they are Team Scottie so that he continues with his plan to even the sides for their alliance. Bayleigh tells her that they have to be better and she tells her that now that Swaggy is gone, she is ready to play this game. She said she is going to play it off like she is sad about him being gone so that people underestimate her.

Scottie is having a talk with Fessy that him, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Haleigh are 100% safe and he also has no plans of going after Sam this week either. They then decide that they are going to go climb the rock wall. Later when Tyler is talking to Sam, he tells her that he is going after the ones that lied to him (about Steve). Sam tells Scottie that Winston definitely voted to keep her and that Winston told her that directly. She tells him that Winston is clearly lying to one of them.

Rockstar joins the conversation and Sam leaves. They talk about how Sam might have a power that allows her to nominate someone who goes against her (not even close) so he shouldn’t put her up. They circle back to nominated Winston and Brett and suggest that Brett might be the brains of the group. Scottie suspects that Brett might have the power.

Tyler and Scottie are talking and Tyler is throwing Rockstar under the bus every chance he gets. He tells Scottie that he thinks Rockstar is the one going around telling people that Scottie voted to evict Steve. He then says that he thinks it was Rockstar that actually did it and is trying to blame it on Scottie. Tyler also tried to cover for Winston and Brett and tells Scottie that he thinks they voted to keep Steve. Scottie mentioned that they lied to either him or Sam then. Scottie does tell Tyler that he plans on putting the Bros up this week and he thinks that Rockstar will have his back if he does. Tyler is really trying to get Scottie to target Rockstar this week though.

There is then a conversation between Kaitlyn and Scottie. He tells her that he isn’t going after Bayleigh, Fessy, Rockstar or Haleigh this week. He tells her that Winston and Brett are lying to him and he wants to put one of them up. She actually offers to be a pawn for him. Kaitlyn also confirmed to Scottie that Winston and Brett voted to evict Steve week one. Scottie later tells Winston that he is going after the people who lied to him. Winston tried to tell him that he voted to keep Steve and then lied to Sam about voting for her. Brett came up and tried to push for Rockstar and Haleigh to be his nominations.

It looks like Scottie is going to do whatever he wants to do for his HOH this week. Looks like Winston and Brett could end up being on the block by the end of the day. Stay tuned to find out what Scottie does a little later!

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