It was eviction eve in the Big Brother house yesterday and the HGs continued to debate who they were going to be voting out of the Big Brother 20 house. There was also some chatter between the ladies in the house to try and band together to get all the guys out. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers!

There has been a lot of back and forth in the house when it comes to who the HGs want to see leave the house. Scottie and his alliance think that Brett will be the one to leave tonight, meanwhile, Tyler and his alliance think that Winston will be the one to leave tonight. Regardless of who leaves this week, the other Bro will most likely be the target next week. Assuming that the Bro left in the house doesn’t win this week’s HOH.

Bayleigh and Rockstar are talking about how Bayleigh isn’t sure where she and JC stand after the disagreement she had with him the night before. Rockstar asks her what happened and when she starts to explain it to Rockstar, the feeds cut. When they come back up, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and Haleigh are talking about making an all girl alliance. They are worried about how Angela will respond to the idea of an all-girl alliance. They end up tasking Rachel with having that chat.

Rockstar tells Sam about the all-girl alliance and she is really happy about it. Bayleigh tells Rachel that Sam told her (Bayleigh) that she (Sam) was under the impression that Kaitlyn had a power because she promised to use her power on Kaitlyn if  Kaitlyn used hers to help her. This came up after Rachel asked if Bayleigh had the third power. They are both convinced that JC is untouchable for now because he has a power too. The conversation changes to vote and it’s starting to look like Brett might not have the votes to stay, but anything can happen.

A little later on the feeds, it looks like this all-girl alliance might be falling apart already because Angela and Kaycee don’t trust the other ladies. They do like the safety it could provide, given that no one turns on the others. That’s where the trust issues come in. Later, Bayleigh and Haleigh have a conversation about how this all-girls alliance is just an excuse to get all the guys out first. There was also a conversation about how Rachel doesn’t like that Angela is so bitchy to her all the time. Haleigh tells her that they need to get Tyler out. She says if she wins HOH he’s going up and then also mentions that they could probably get Fessy to BD Tyler too.

There was a lot of talk about votes for this week and targets for next week. Brett is still campaigning to Fessy that if he stays over Winston, he will always be a bigger target than Fessy. Winston tells Bayleigh that if he stays, he is going to go after the people who voted to evict him.

Kaycee and Rachel have another conversation about the all-girls alliance and how it would be a great idea if they didn’t already have a really strong alliance. They talk about telling Tyler and Brett about what the other girls pitched to them. Later, Bayleigh and Sam had a conversation about this alliance idea and while Sam loves the idea, she tells Bayleigh that some of the girls are being really rude to her. Bayleigh tells her not to let it get to her. Sam tells Rachel that she feels like Kaitlyn and Haleigh are being rude to her but then mentions that maybe she is too irritable.

Kaycee tells Tyler about the all-girls alliance and Kaycee wonders if they should tell Brett about it and Tyler says they should. Tyler asks if Sam knew about this alliance and Kaycee tells him that Rockstar approached all of them about it. Kaycee finds herself in a conversation with Rachel and Angela later on where Rachel wonders if they should tell Brett and Tyler or keep it to themselves. Kaycee tells them she hasn’t told them and Angela says she wants to tell them. Rachel also tells the group that she has been working on making the other side of the house believe that she and Angela aren’t that close. She mentions that she thinks that Bayleigh is falling for it.

The rest of the night consisted of the Bros consisted of everyone talking about votes. It is starting to look like Brett might actually have the votes towards the end of the night, but we see how often this changes. We got confirmation that tonight will be an endurance HOH comp so make sure you come back later tonight for not only my live recap but my live HOH comp results as well!

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