Yesterday was nomination day in the Big Brother 20 house and we finally found out who the HOH was putting on the block! New HNs for the week were also chosen and I have all the details for you below with our Big Brother spoilers! Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap to find out what happened before and after the nomination ceremony!

We started the day with Rockstar camtalking telling us that she really misses her family but she is trying to keep it together. She has a conversation with Sam and Sam tells her to stay strong and calm. Rockstar mentions that she is the only one who has been personally attacked. Sam tells her that nothing anyone says is going to change her mind about her nominations. She tells Rockstar that if it makes her feel better, she isn’t one of them. Kaitlyn was also there for that conversation and as soon as it was over, she ran to Tyler and Brett and told them that Sam told Rockstar she was safe.

Later, Rockstar questions Kaitlyn about why she is talking to Brett. Kaitlyn basically tells her that she can talk to whoever she wants, but tried to make it sound like she was doing it to find out why he would say that about Rockstar. Rockstar tells her it’s no use because Brett doesn’t speak the truth anyway. Meanwhile, Brett, Rachel, and Tyler are talking about potential nominations. They think that Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Bayleigh might be going up this week. Sam walks in on that conversation and tells Brett that Angie isn’t one of her nominations, but if he wants her up there then he better win the POV and make her change things up.

The feeds cut for the nomination ceremony and when they get back we find out that Sam nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn. In her nomination ceremony speech, Sam mentions things like women empowerment, self-respect and how the girls have been jumping from guy to guy in the house. Kaitlyn is more upset about the reasons behind Sam’s nominations than the fact that she is on the block.

Kaitlyn has a conversation with Fessy about the POV and she asks him if she gets HG choice, is it okay that she picks him to play. She then adds that she knows it’s an awkward situation for him because it’s his friend and the girl he likes on the block together. Haleigh comes in and Kaitlyn and her are talking about Sam’s speech. Tyler walks in and then Brett, Fessy left at some point in the conversation and the conversation continues about the speech. Haleigh apologizes to Tyler and Brett just in case she did anything disrespectful to them at any point. She adds that she is just going to keep her distance from everyone.

Later there is a conversation between Rachel and Sam. They are talking about Sam’s nominations. Sam tells her she doesn’t have much “game” so her nominations are personal. She tells Rachel that they don’t have any self-respect and they wear clothes that hang off them and they don’t clean up after themselves. Rachel asks her if one of them should come down, who would Sam renom and Sam tells her she would probably renom Rockstar.

Later on the feeds, Rockstar and Sam have a conversation about bullies. Rockstar asks Sam why she is okay with having a bully in the house (Brett). Sam agrees that he has bullied Kaitlyn and if he lied, then he is also bullying her. Rockstar tells Sam that Brett has never talked to her ever in this house. She walks in a room and he walks out of it. She tells Sam that the first time Brett has ever acknowledged her as a person it was to lie in front of the house. Sam is confused about how it was a game move for him to do that so Rockstar explains it. She also tells Sam that seven people agreed to vote Brett out and then the vote came back 6-5 for Winston to leave, that means two people lied about how they were voting. Sam tells her that she doesn’t like bullies, but Sam won’t outright admit that she thinks that Brett is a bully.

There is some chit chat in the house throughout the rest of the day. Bayleigh is confused why Fessy still talks to Kaitlyn after everything she has done to them. Kaitlyn wonders if there is some kind of Battle Back that could save her this week. JC and Scottie talk about this week and where the votes would fall, they think Kaitlyn would most likely leave if the noms stay the same.

Kaitlyn goes to talk to Sam and tells her that she isn’t upset about being on the block, she is upset about what Sam said about Kaitlyn not respecting the men in the house. Sam pointed out that Kaitlyn has been aligning with the men in the house while claiming to be working with the women. Sam also said something about Kaitlyn mocking her, but Kaitlyn tells her she didn’t’ do that. After this conversation, Sam told Haleigh that the noms would stay the same if Sam wins the POV and that she better play hard to win.

Sam had a conversation with Tyler later and she tells him that she wants the noms to stay the same, but if he wins the POV, he has the freedom to use it whatever way he wants. He tells her that Kaitlyn said she would pick him if she got HG Choice, but he doesn’t want to win it. She tells him that she plans on telling the final noms this week that they will have a chance to come back into the house because of her power. She also tells him that she feels like she picked the weakest women in the house so they would be least likely to win any challenge.

Fessy is starting to wonder if his relationships with Kaitlyn and Haleigh are real or just game, I think Sam’s nomination speech has gotten to him. Tyler, Rachel, and Angela are talking about who they think they would be able to work with easier out of the current noms. They think that they would have an easier time working with both of them if Rockstar isn’t there. Tyler tells them that Rockstar is the renom choice if one of the noms come down. Tyler tells them that he would have to use the POV on Kaitlyn because Haleigh would be safe next to Rockstar.

The HGs started to wind down and the conversations dulled. Today we will find out who is playing in the POV and the POV will be played out. By the end of the night, I will have POV results for you so stay tuned!

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