There were a lot of tears in the Big Brother house yesterday after the POV Ceremony took place. If you missed any of the details of the POV ceremony, you can get them all right here! In the meantime, keep reading to get all the dramatic details of what went on in the Big Brother 20 house right here with our Big Brother spoilers

There were tears falling everywhere in the Big Brother house after the POV Ceremony happened. Here are some of the highlights of the HGs who cried yesterday as a result of the POV Ceremony.


When the feeds came back, Sam was explaining her power to a big group of HGs. She then went outside to make sure that Brett wasn’t mad at her for not using the power to save Winston. She tells him the reason she didn’t use it to save Winston is because if there is a Battle Back (there isn’t’) she has faith that Winston can win that and get back in.

Sam was crying because she felt terrible about not using her power to allow Winston the chance to come back into the house. She was crying because she thought that JC was mad at her (we’ll get to why in a second). She was crying because she thought Rockstar was going to hate her (we’ll get to that too). She basically cried because she thought everyone for one reason or another was going to hate her after this week. She told everyone that she tried to do the right thing and really doesn’t want to see anyone leave. She tells them that she almost used it to save Winston.


Well, it seems like all she does is cry, so this should really surprise anyone. However, this time she is crying because her “best friend” Fessy didn’t use the POV to save her. Instead, he saved the girl he has a potential showmance with. Fessy and Kaitlyn had numerous conversations after the POV Ceremony, most of them Kaitlyn forced him to have, but he explained that he couldn’t trust her after she kept him in the dark so many times. She cried to him that he knows that she doesn’t have the votes to stay because of what she did to Swaggy and that he must have known she would go home if he didn’t save her and he still didn’t.

Kaitlyn then cried about not knowing who he was going to vote for because he is just as close to the renom choice as he is to Kaitlyn. He tells her that he is going to vote for Kaitlyn. She doesn’t feel worthy of being saved when he questions why she would think he wouldn’t vote to keep her. Fessy tells her that he doesn’t have a F2 with anyone and she tells him that he made that very clear (she thought they had one).


Well, Rockstar was crying because she ended up being Sam’s renom this week. She is more ticked off that Sam changed her mind and then put Rockstar up (we’re getting to that, I promise). Sam tells Rockstar that she was the next best choice to go up against Kaitlyn because she is the next biggest target. She tells Rockstar that if she is voted out next week, she is gone forever. She tells her that at least if they vote to evict her this week, she has a chance to come back. The rest of the evictions after this are permanent. Sam is worried that Rockstar and her won’t be friends outside of this and that she is going to hate Sam for this. Rockstar tells her that isn’t the case. She doesn’t hate her and they are going to be friends after this.


Ok, so JC wasn’t crying, he was angry. He was ticked off that Fessy used the POV because that put JC at risk. Sam almost nominated him, but she told Rockstar that she broke down and couldn’t do it. JC tells Fessy that if he ended up on the block that would have been his fault. JC tells Fessy that he isn’t going to talk game with him anymore because he feels like Fessy betrayed him by using the POV. Fessy tells JC that he would never go against him in this game and that he would be more than willing to go after Kaitlyn this week.

We later found out that Sam almost renoming JC was all a plan. She tells JC that she didn’t tell him about it because she needed it to look real. She needed his reaction to be real. Sam told JC that she was never going to nominate him. She was trying to soften the blow for Rockstar by making her think that Sam would have nominated someone close to her. There is then a talk about what if there is a tie in the votes, who will Sam vote for? Sam asks JC who he wants out and he says, Kaitlyn. She tells him that to make up for making him freak out at the Veto Meeting, she will break the tie by voting to evict Kaitlyn.

Other Conversations

Throughout the day we got to listen to some interesting conversations. Angela tells Kaitlyn that she is voting to keep her and that she thinks Kaitlyn will survive this eviction. Brett and Tyler also talked about their chances to keep Kaitlyn this week. Fessy promises Rockstar that he has his vote this week. Kaycee tells Bayleigh that it looks like Rockstar is going to be evicted this week. Rachel tells Kaycee that they have to keep Kaitlyn because Rockstar will come after them if she stays because of their relationship with Brett. Kaitlyn will target the other side of the house if she stays.

Brett mentions that Kaitlyn could win the chance to come back, Rockstar probably won’t. He says that they should try and pull Kaitlyn to their side now that her only ally in the house (Fessy) has turned his back on her. Bayleigh agrees to keep Kaitlyn but warns them that it will probably end up being a problem for them later. Bayleigh tells Rachel and Kaycee that she really wants Kaitlyn gone before Jury.

Later there is a conversation between JC, Tyler, Brett, and Angela. JC asks them how they are voting and Brett and Angela tell him they are voting to evict Rockstar. JC tells them he is voting out Kaitlyn. Tyler tells him that he can control Kaitlyn if she stays. JC then asks him if he can control her so well, why is she running around telling Fessy she has feelings for him (valid point)? While JC was talking to Sam, Tyler tells Kaycee that JC and Sam want Kaitlyn out and he doesn’t want to upset them, but he can’t control Rockstar like he can Kaitlyn.

Scottie and Bayleigh have a conversation. They are talking about keeping Kaitlyn this week is stupid. They agree that they want Rockstar to stay this week and not Kaitlyn. During this conversation, Scottie admits to Bayleigh that he was the extra rogue vote to evict Swaggy. He tells her that he did it because he was trying to trend to get a power for their side of the house. She tells him that if there is ever a chance that Swaggy comes back, he needs to be the one who tells Swaggy that he voted that way.

Rachel and Angela talk about how they are really worried about Scottie winning the next HOH. He is the person they are most scared of in the house. Tyler and Kaycee are talking about votes and she tells him that she thinks that they could get Bayleigh’s vote. She goes to talk to Bayleigh, Bayleigh tells her that neither option is good in her opinion, but keeping Kaitlyn just enables her to cause more damage in the game.

Bayleigh and Haleigh then have a conversation about how her, Bayleigh and Fessy should stick together, but Bayleigh tells her that Fessy would be more worried about helping Haleigh than her. She also reminds Haleigh that their numbers are rapidly dropping.

Kaitlyn goes to Fessy and demands that he apologize to her if they are going to work together after she stays this week. She is pushing for him to tell her who he is voting for this week, he tells her that he doesn’t like how she is always putting people on the spot. He refuses to tell her who he is voting for this week. Kaitlyn is getting upset with him because of his lack of trust. He asks her if there is anything else she has been hiding from him. Kaitlyn tells him that she feels like their relationship is tainted now (you think?). He tells her that she has his vote, but then questions her on why she went after Swaggy and blames her for their alliance falling apart. She got upset and walked away. He goes back and tells Haleigh that the talk with Kaitlyn didn’t go well and he thinks if she stays, she will come after him.

Let the campaigning begin! Both HGs have a chance to sway the others to vote in their favor. Either way, whoever is voted out will have the chance to come back into the house. Make sure you come back a little later this afternoon for our Favorite HG poll and let me know how this week has affected your vote!

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