Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 20 house yesterday and there was quite a bit of drama before and after the competition. If you missed out on who the POV Players were and who the POV Winner was, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details! If you are all caught up with our spoilers, keep reading to find out what happened in the Big Brother house yesterday!

Yesterday morning the feeds went down as soon as all the HGs were up for the day and players for the POV were picked. When they came back up we found out that Fessy, Rockstar, and JC would be joining Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Sam in the POV comp. Kaitlyn was nagging Fessy all day about whether he would save her over Haleigh with the POV if he won. He was able to dodge most of the conversations before the POV.

There was a lot of talk between the ladies in the house about who they would vote out if the noms stay the same. Rockstar and Bayleigh talk about Kaitlyn and Bayleigh mentions that she would vote out Kaitlyn because she lacks any kind of loyalty and character. Bayleigh also talked to Kaycee about Kaitlyn and they agreed that they are tired of her and point out that even Tyler is done with it.

Speaking of Tyler, he had a conversation with Kaitlyn where she is telling him how stressed she is about whether Fessy is going to use the POV on her or Haleigh. She tells him that Fessy has been acting strangely towards her lately and Tyler mentions that Fessy is worried that he could be the renom. Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she isn’t in a good spot with her old alliance and wonders if she can jump over and work with Rachel and Angela instead.

After that conversation, Kaitlyn talks with Fessy and she questioned him about why he is acting weird. He tells her that he is stressed about their situation. She reminds him that she is the one on the block, not him (She clearly doesn’t understand his predicament if he wins). This goes on until feeds cut for the POV. While the feeds were down, most of us thought that Fessy would throw the comp to avoid having to make this decision, but when the feeds came back, Fessy was wearing the POV around his neck and a pretty depressing look on his face.

Haleigh and Kaitlyn that at least one of them would be safe this week because Fessy won. Meanwhile, Rockstar is telling Fessy he should talk to Sam about it and if Sam doesn’t tell him who her renom plan is, he should just leave the noms the same. Moments later, Kaitlyn does miss the opportunity to tell Fessy for the thousandth time that he promised to take her down if he won the POV.

Rockstar, Bayleigh, JC, and Haleigh all were wondering if they could get Brett renom’d when Fessy uses the POV. JC promises Haleigh that she would be safe against Kaitlyn on the block and this would be the first unanimous vote if the noms stay the same. After this talk, JC goes to tell Tyler that Rockstar would most likely be the renom if someone comes down and that Kaitlyn needs to be the one who goes home this week. Tyler tells him he won’t stand in the way of that.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is having a complete meltdown. She found out that Fessy promised both her and Haleigh that he would use the POV on them. Kaitlyn is so upset, she mentions that she threw the comp to Fessy (doubt that) and then she storms off to the DR because she wants to self-evict. While Kaitlyn is in the DR, Bayleigh talks to Fessy and Fessy tells Bayleigh that she wouldn’t be the renom this week. She tells him that he should save Haleigh if that’s the case because Kaitlyn is playing him for a fool. She also reminded him that Kaitlyn would choose Tyler over Fessy if she had the choice. Fessy goes to Haleigh and tells her he is going to use the POV on her, but not to tell anyone.

By the way, Kaitlyn didn’t self-evict. She comes back out of the DR and tells Tyler that if Fessy uses the POV on Haleigh and Kaitlyn manages to stay, she will be going after him (doubt that too). Tyler then goes to talk to Sam. He tells her that it looks like Fessy is going to use the POV, but he doesn’t know who he is saving. She tells Tyler that she won’t tell anyone who she is going to renom then, but she is going to let them know about the Bonus Life situation. Tyler asks Sam who she is going to renom, she reminds him she just said she wasn’t telling anyone. She asks him who he would renom and he offers up Rockstar as his choice. Sam tells him that she wouldn’t mind her going home this week either. Keep in mind, on Friday, Sam told Rachel that Rockstar would be her renom.

Fessy and Kaitlyn have a conversation. Fessy tells Kaitlyn that she kept him in the dark with the Swaggy thing and now she is on the block next to his other friend in the house. She questions him on their “til the end” and he counters that and tells her she took that away when she took out his other strongest ally. Kaitlyn pleads to Fessy about how her family is struggling and Fessy mentions that when Swaggy went to her with that, she told him that she couldn’t base game decisions on personal things. Later during another conversation, she tells Fessy that if he doesn’t save her, she will go home.

Things are going to get even more interesting as the days go by. Tomorrow is the POV Ceremony and I’m sure that Kaitlyn is going to have yet another meltdown. Fessy should have thrown the POV comp, but it’s making for some great drama in the house! A brand new episode of Big Brother 20 is on tonight at 8/7c. Make sure you come back and join me!

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