Things are going to hit the fan today after the POV Ceremony on Big Brother 20! Both noms are close to the POV Winner, but which of them will the POV save this week on Big Brother 20? We will find that out later today, for now, keep reading to find out what happened inside the Big Brother house yesterday with our Big Brother spoilers!

Yesterday’s feeds consisted of a lot of Kaitlyn wondering if the POV is going to be used to save her or Haleigh. Fessy has told Kaitlyn that she has kept him in the dark with a lot of her decisions so far and he doesn’t know if he can trust her. She tells Rachel that she can’t believe that Fessy is using that against her (Really?).

According to the talks among the other HGs, it sounds like if the noms stay the same, Kaitlyn will be the one voted out, however, throughout the day, it started to sound like Fessy was going to use the POV because he didn’t want both of them to be upset with him.

The HNs for the week were picked. Bayleigh, Scottie, Kaycee, and Rachel all volunteered. (Am I the only one that thinks that the concept of the HNs has been completely lost?)

Kaitlyn spent most of the day worrying about staying on the block because she knows that she will go home Thursday. Haleigh was also freaking out a bit because she thought that she could go home if she is still on the block on Thursday, but most of the house has told her that Kaitlyn is their target this week. Her and Brett had a conversation that also made her feel better. He told Haleigh that Fessy is close to both of them, but Fessy has lost trust in Kaitlyn because of all that she has done (Fessy isn’t going to chance making them both mad, but doesn’t seem to care if he makes Kaitlyn mad).

There is a conversation between JC and Tyler and JC tells Tyler that he thinks he wants Kaitlyn to stay this week. Tyler tells him that he prefers she doesn’t but says that it wouldn’t be the worst thing because she is easily manipulated. JC is worried though because if she doesn’t go home this week and then wins HOH, she is going to go after JC. JC and Tyler both agree that they don’t want Kaitlyn in jury. Tyler then tells JC to relax and stop pushing so hard for Kaitlyn to go and hints that something might happen that makes them both stay. When JC won’t relax, Tyler tells him to chill out until the POV Ceremony where he is going to learn why they both might stay.

A little later after this conversation, Fessy and Haleigh have a conversation. She tells him that she is nervous that Fessy is going to change his mind and not save her. He tells her that he isn’t going to chance her going home even if he thinks the vote is going to be 10-0. He said that after all the blindsides the last few weeks, he isn’t going to leave her up there. Late last night this conversation continued because Haleigh was worried that Rockstar would be the renom if he uses the POV. Haleigh does tell him that she doesn’t want him to jeopardize his game by saving her. She tells him she would understand if he didn’t use it on her, but would just want him to talk to her about it.

Throughout the day, Sam refused to tell anyone who she would renom, but has had a couple people mention Rockstar’s name when asked who they would renom. Sam agreed with Angela that Rockstar should go up to put pressure on her for her behavior during their conversation yesterday morning. Angela tells Sam that Rockstar hasn’t said anything to her this whole time until the all-girl alliance came into the conversation. Angela also mentions that some of the things that Rockstar said to Brett and about Brett were awful.

It looks like Haleigh is going to be saved this week with the POV and Rockstar might be put up as a renom. Either way, the live feeds are going to be explosive when Kaitlyn finds out that her number one, is not her number one anymore. Come back later today to find out what happens during the POV Ceremony!

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