It was a day of campaigning for the nominees on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday. With the HGs constantly changing their minds, it looks like it’s going to be a last minute decision for most of them. This season has been good for the suspense during the live evictions, that’s for sure. Keep reading to find out which HG could have the better chance of staying safe this week right here with our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap! 

The day started off with Rockstar working on anyone and everyone that would give her the chance. She worked on Tyler (however it looks like Tyler is pretty set on keeping Kaitlyn this week) and then she went to talk to Angela. She told Angela that Tyler seemed worrisome and Angela tells her that Scottie is too. Rockstar tells Angela that even though she isn’t in Angela’s group, she has been loyal and hopes that they consider her trustworthy. Rockstar tells Angela that she would put up two guys if she gets HOH, she would never target one of the women. Unless of course, it’s a house full of them.

Kaitlyn is talking to Fessy about how she has detached herself from the POV thing and she isn’t mad at him for it anymore. She tells him that it isn’t over until it’s over, but she wants to know that he is with her. He tells her that there are people in the house that she wants him out if she stays, but she tells him that’s not the case. She tells him that she would never say that and if he hears that, it’s a lie. He tells her that if he hears a bunch of people saying that on Thursday, that might get him nervous (she actually did say this after the POV Ceremony).

Tyler and Kaycee have a chat about the votes and who to keep. Tyler tells Kaycee that Kaitlyn would target Fessy if she stayed, but Kaycee doesn’t think she would actually do it. Tyler doesn’t know who they should keep. He does say that he can’t wait to make Kaitlyn’s goodbye message though. After this, Kaitlyn and Kaycee chat and Kaitlyn promises that Kaycee would be safe if she won HOH next week. Kaitlyn tells her that she thinks that she has Brett’s vote, but he wouldn’t confirm it.

JC told Rockstar that she has his vote to stay this week. He tells her that she just needs to lay low and make sure she doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves this week. They are going through trying to figure out how many votes Rockstar has and they think she has five.

Bayleigh and Kaitlyn are talking about Swaggy. Bayleigh tells her that she doesn’t hold a grudge and that Kaitlyn isn’t going to lose her vote over that. She tells Kaitlyn that she is kind of in the middle, but it would benefit her more to get rid of Rockstar this week. Kaitlyn tells her that she has had a lot of people promise her that she is safe, but you can never be sure. Kaitlyn does know that if there is a tie she will not be staying though. She later tells Bayleigh that she wants to be part of making history by voting Bayleigh at the end and making her the winner of Big Brother 20.

Scottie and Bayleigh have a conversation and they talk about who they should keep this week. They think that keeping Kaitlyn this week would allow them to have a target next week. This would give them a clear path to Jury. Scottie is worried that he might not be good with Tyler anymore. He suspects that it was Tyler and Kaitlyn that flipped last week. They then talk about their targets for next week if one of them should win HOH. They think that Brett, Tyler, and Kaitlyn are a good combination with either Tyler or Kaitlyn being a BD option.

JC and Tyler are going back and forth in the storage room and JC is ticked off that Tyler is trying to keep Kaitlyn. JC wants Kaitlyn gone because she has no loyalty. Tyler tells him that he can manipulate her though and control her. JC accuses Tyler of thinking with his d*ck, but Tyler tells him he has no feelings for Kaitlyn, but he knows he can get her to vote whichever way he wants her to. He reminds JC that he got her to flip on Steve and turn on Swaggy. Tyler also tells him that if they keep Kaitlyn in the house, she will always be the main target, JC tells him that might be true, but then they risk whoever goes up next to her.

There is a conversation between JC and Sam and they are talking about how Kaitlyn is confident she has the votes to stay. JC tells her that Rockstar isn’t a threat, but Kaitlyn is. He tells her that they have five votes, but he is working on getting a sixth so that Sam doesn’t have to break the tie. It is not likely that they even have the five votes at this point.

The rest of the night is the HGs going back and forth about who they should vote out. Tyler tends to get what he wants, but this season of Big BrotherFavorite HG poll has reminded us that we should always expect the unexpected. Make sure you head on over to our and vote for your favorite HG and stay tuned for the results a little later today!

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