The HGs in the Big Brother 20 house continued to debate who they were sending home on the Big Brother live feeds yesterday. As every eviction eve in the Big Brother house has gone so far this season, the HGs kept weighing out the options. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds! 

Rockstar is campaigning to Sam first thing yesterday morning just in case the vote comes down to a tie. Sam reminds Rockstar that if she goes this week she can at least go home to her family where if she goes in a couple weeks, she will still be away from them for the rest of the summer. Sam asks her if she would be okay with that. Rockstar brings up how the money is really important for her and her family. Later Rockstar tells Bayleigh that she has been campaigning, but she isn’t sure she has the votes.

Kaycee and Angela are talking about the vote and they are considering evicting Kaitlyn over Rockstar because they don’t think that Rockstar would come after them. They do worry that Tyler would be one of her targets, but they think they can protect him because they saved her. They want Kaitlyn gone because she has a stronger social game with the guys and Kaitlyn isn’t as loyal as they think Rockstar will be. There is also the risk of being stuck in Jury with Kaitlyn. Rachel joins the conversation and tells them that she wants Rockstar out.

Tyler tells Sam that he doesn’t want Kaitlyn in the game anymore, but Rockstar will come after him and possibly Sam. Sam tells Tyler that she could get Rockstar to nominate whoever she wants and protect Tyler. After this conversation, Rachel comes in and Tyler leaves. Sam is upset because she doesn’t want to have to pick one of them in the case of a tie. She was talking about picking dots to decide and Rockstar and Kaitlyn hate that idea. Rachel tells Sam that she wants Kaitlyn to stay, but Sam tells her that Kaitlyn hates her and then asks Rachel who she likes more out of her and Kaitlyn. Rachel picks Sam. Rachel tells Sam that if she thinks that the vote is going to be a tie, she will vote the other way so that Sam doesn’t have to break the tie.

Later Rachel gets upset talking to Angela, Brett, and Bayleigh. Angela and Bayleigh want to keep Rockstar, but Rachel wants to keep Kaitlyn. They ask Brett and he says he wants both of them out. Angela says the only reason they are debating this so much is because they never know where Kaitlyn’s head is at, but with Rockstar they know. Rachel gets upset and leaves the room.

Later, Tyler tells Brett and Angela that he is okay with Kaitlyn leaving and he doesn’t care anymore. Brett is open to vote out either of them and Angela wants to vote out Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is talking to JC promising him that if she gets evicted, when she comes back into the house she is going after everyone who voted for her. Rockstar goes to Brett and tells him that she can’t promise him much, but tells him that she won’t do pots and pans anymore if he votes to keep her.

The Tyler got Brett to agree to vote out Rockstar again, but Kaycee thinks that they are just going to upset Sam because Kaitlyn is clearly going to go after Sam for nominating her. Kaycee also mentions that JC will be upset if they keep Kaitlyn also. Rachel walks in and they tell her that they are back to keeping Kaitlyn and Rachel is annoyed because she was finally on board with evicting Kaitlyn this week. She tells them to let her know what they want to do when they decide because she is done talking about it.

Moments later, Brett leaves the room and him and Kaycee decide that keeping Rockstar is better because if they keep Kaitlyn they will lose Bayleigh, JC and Sam and they need those numbers. Kaycee and Rachel then go to Bayleigh to confirm they are keeping Rockstar this week. Later, Kaycee, Rachel and JC are going over the votes and they think that voting Kaitlyn out will be unanimous and that even Fessy and Haleigh will vote her out. Rachel goes to tell Haleigh this and she tells Rachel that she is good with that plan.

Voting to evict Kaitlyn was the last bit of vote chatter in the house last night. Anything can happen between now and tonight though. Make sure you come back a little later for our Eviction Poll and my Eviction Prediction along with a live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother where the evicted HG will have a chance to return to the game!

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