The Veto Ceremony happened in the Big Brother 20 house yesterday and the plan for another blindside vote was in the works. Get all the details of yesterday’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! If you have missed any of the drama inside the house, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get caught up!

Yesterday was the POV Ceremony in the Big Brother house. Before the POV Ceremony, Angela talks with Sam and tells her that Rachel offered to go up as a pawn next to Brett. She tells Sam that she is really upset that the one person she trusted most in the house has started all these issues. After this, Angela goes to talk to Scottie. They discuss the options between Brett and Rachel. Angela tells him that she is saving Rachel. He tells her that he has been hearing that everyone thinks it’s him who flipped, but Bayleigh made him swear on the Bible. He promised her that it wasn’t him. They talk about who it could have been and Scottie tells her that he thinks that it wasn’t a strategy, it was probably a pity vote.

There is a conversation between Tyler and Rachel too where Rachel tells Tyler that Bayleigh promised to put Scottie up as a renom if the Veto was used. Tyler tells her that he doesn’t believe that for a second and told her that Bayleigh was BS’ing her. Rachel is annoyed because she only agreed to go up as a pawn because she thought that Scottie would be put up.

Feeds go down for the POV Ceremony. When they come back up, Rachel is sniffling. We then watch as Bayleigh thanks Tyler for not using the POV. He told her that he said he wouldn’t. She tells him that she is feeling better about them working together. She doesn’t have any doubts about Tyler and she trusts him completely.

Later on, Bayleigh is still convinced that Brett is the one going home this week and she continues to tell Rachel all about her power. She tells her how long it lasts, how when she uses it her noms show up on the Memory Wall instead of the HOH’s picks. Rachel is asking too many questions and Bayleigh tells her to stop asking questions. She tells Rachel that even though she trusts her, she doesn’t want to put Rachel in a position where she would have to lie about it.

Bayleigh talks to Sam about the all-girls alliance and Sam tells her that she isn’t opposed to it, but she doesn’t think that they should only target the guys because they are guys.

Tyler and Kaycee chat about Sam. They talk about how Sam says that Tyler and Kaycee are her closest allies in the house. Kaycee tells Tyler that she thinks they need to have Sam’s back for as long as they can. The talk then shifts to who they are voting out this week. They both agree that keeping Brett would be better because if Tyler ends up on the block next to Brett, Brett will go home. Tyler then tells Kaycee the details he knows about Bayleigh’s power. He doesn’t know how long it lasts and tells her that she can change the noms for next week.

Bayleigh is talking to Fessy later on and they are talking about the votes. She tells him that Sam is going to vote however she wants her to and Fessy tells her that Haleigh was saying that she is going to vote Brett out, but she likes him. They talk about Rachel being a panicked mess. They then start talking about the POV Ceremonies and how nerve-wracking they are. It turns to how Haleigh doesn’t seem to appreciate Fessy for using the POV on her last week and the magnitude of that game move on his end. She then mentions how Haleigh seems to be back to her old ways and hanging all over Tyler again.

Bayleigh then tells Fessy that he has to be careful because Tyler and Scottie will team up and come after Fessy. She makes up some story about how Rachel was questioning Bayleigh about her having a power but doesn’t tell him that she told Rachel all the details of it. After this, Bayleigh talks to Haleigh and they agree that Brett will go home this week and think it will be unanimous. Bayleigh and Haleigh also talk about getting Tyler and JC out with a BD plan. They agree that they don’t want to deal with JC being on the block.

There is a lot of talk between the random allies about who they are voting for. Everyone on Tyler’s side is telling everyone from Bayleigh’s that they are voting to keep Rachel. Everyone is telling Rachel that she is safe this week and that the vote will be unanimous to keep her. Later on, Tyler, tells Angela and Kaycee that Rachel hinted that Bayleigh had a power and that’s what they can tell Bayleigh is their reason for voting Rachel out. They agree that they should tell Bayleigh that they are voting Brett out though so no one tries to talk them out of it.

Tyler camtalked a little lately and apologizes to the live feeders for things in the house being slow. He thinks that we are all disappointed that Kaitlyn is out because the house is quieter now. There was also a chat between JC and Tyler and JC warns him that Fessy is getting jealous of all the time Tyler is spending with Haleigh. Tyler then goes to talk to Brett and tells him that they should be good on votes including JC’s (JC is a wildcard though so things could go very different). Tyler tells Brett that he should still hang out with Scottie more so they can pin one of the votes on him.

Things seem to be on track for Rachel to be evicted, but again, with JC being a wildcard, things could go the other way. This is the final week before Jury, so whoever is evicted this week on Big Brother 20 will be going home. Come back a little later for our Favorite HG poll and tell me who your favorite player is this week!

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