Things are shaping up in the Big Brother house for another blindsided vote! There was a lot of plotting and planning on the Big Brother live feeds yesterday and I have all the details right here with our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap! If you have missed any of the action in the house, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! 

We started yesterday morning’s live feeds off with a conversation between Kaycee and Sam. Sam tells her that they really need to protect each other and Tyler. Kaycee tells Sam that Tyler isn’t going to use the Veto if he isn’t 180% sure that one of them won’t be a renom. Sam tells her that she doesn’t want to know what’s going on this week, she just needs to know the important stuff and who to vote for when the time comes.

Angela, Kaycee and Tyler talk later and they go over the votes to see if they have enough votes to evict Rachel instead of Brett. Tyler tells Kaycee that Bayleigh doesn’t care who goes home, so getting Rachel out shouldn’t matter. Angela mentions that she has a plan to blow up the all-girls alliance which will get all the guys made at Rockstar because they would say that it was all her idea. Angela tells Tyler that he has to tell Brett that Kaitlyn told him that Rockstar had this idea of starting an all-girl alliance (which isn’t a lie but would cause some drama for sure). Then Brett would out it and pin it on Rockstar in his speech. During this conversation, Angela also mentions that Rachel knows something about one of the powers.

We also got the HNs for the week. Bayleigh announced that the HNs were already picked this week. The three HGs with the worst times in the HOH are HNs: Tyler, Fessy, and Scottie. After Tyler tells Brett about the all-girls alliance, they go and tell JC about it. JC is worried because now if Brett goes home, they lose another number on their side of the house. Brett mentions that if the Veto isn’t used on him then they won’t have the numbers to keep the rest of them safe.

Fessy talks to Rockstar and Bayleigh that Brett is pitching that the guys need to protect each other. Fessy tells them he doesn’t care, he’s voting Brett out anyways. Bayleigh tells them that Rachel is coming for Scottie, not Fessy. Fessy is counting the votes and thinks that Brett can only get three votes: Tyler, JC, and Scottie. JC then joins the conversation and talks to them about what Brett and Tyler were talking about protecting each other. He then asks Bayleigh about the all-girls alliance. Bayleigh tells him that there isn’t an all-girls alliance and that Sam said it best. They are too different to be able to work together.

They then start talking about the rogue vote. JC tells them about how he tried to talk to Scottie about it, but couldn’t keep a straight face (that’s because JC was the one who did it). They run it down and agree it must have been Scottie and they talk about telling Scottie that they need to make sure it is known that if there is another rogue vote, they are all going after Scottie. They then talk about how Rachel has been acting on the block.

Tyler and Scottie have a chat and Scottie mentions that there has been a lot of pressure to vote out Brett, Tyler reminds him about the possibility of an all-girl alliance and getting Brett out will help the girls and hurt the guys. Tyler goes to update Kaycee and tells her that JC is good to vote to keep Brett, Tyler also tells her he is going to talk to Sam about it. He then runs to Angela and tells her that they have JC’s vote and Scottie just told him that Brett is the actual target this week.

Throughout the day Rachel and Tyler chatted. Rachel asks why Tyler was saying Bayleigh would put up Angela if he used the Veto. He tells her that’s what Bayleigh told him. Tyler tells Rachel in this conversation that Bayleigh isn’t going to put Scottie up and is only telling Rachel what she wants to hear. Rachel asks Tyler if he is going to use the Veto and he tells her he isn’t sure. He tells her that he is still trying to convince Bayleigh that him, Brett and Scottie are a trio so that if he does use it, Scottie will go up as retaliation.

Rachel then goes to talk to Angela and Kaycee and she tells them that her and Tyler talked and she realized that Bayleigh is trying to scare Tyler into not using the Veto. Tyler tells Kaycee later that he doesn’t think he can use the Veto. He doesn’t want the whole house made at him. Kaycee asks him why it matters when everyone on that side is coming after him anyway (he told L6 that there was talk of him being BD’d this week when there wasn’t). He then changes his story to not wanting to risk Angela being put up, but Kaycee tells him she doesn’t think it would be Angela, it would be Scottie.

There was more back and forth about who would go up as a renom between Tyler and his alliance and then Angela tells Tyler that Bayleigh has a power. Tyler then goes to Brett and tells him that they have the votes to get Rachel out and tells him to hang out with Scottie more so that they can blame it on him. Right after this, Tyler tells Brett about Bayleigh’s power and tells him that Rachel was foolish to tell Angela about it because of course, Angela would tell him about it. That would then make Tyler not want to use it and tick off Bayleigh while she has this power. Brett thinks that their plan relies on JC and JC could easily flip and Brett will be evicted.

Tyler spent most of the day and night trying to get enough votes for Brett to stay. He even tells Scottie that Rachel would go after him if she won HOH next week. Between Rachel being a complete whack job while on the block and Tyler finding out about Bayleigh’s power, he will most likely not use the Veto later today. Make sure to stay tuned a little later today for the Veto Ceremony results!

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